Trends For The Party Season : Leather & Fur

How To Wear Leather & Fur

Before PETA and other animal lovers come protesting against this post, let me clarify that the leather and the fur are both faux of course. With that off my chest, lets get on…

Until last winter the closest I came to fur and leather, was while secretly admiring it being boldly flaunted by celebrities and longingly pinning it on my ‘style inspiration’ pinterest board. Clearly the months that followed have made me a lot braver in my fashion choices and here I am today turning my pinterest fantasy into reality. It still feels a little surreal…never thought I would wear fur and leather..wohooo..clearly I am very excited having done myself proud.

Trends for the party season – Leather + Fur

Trends For The Party Season : Leather & Fur

The Fur Vest -This is my first time experimenting with fur and I have to say that there is something about fur, it adds heap loads of glamour no matter who you are, where youre from and what you do, glamour is just an intrinsic quality of fur…glamour goes where ever fur goes. If you are just starting to love fur, then a vest like this one is the ideal first purchase, it sits comfortably between the overwhelming fur coats and the barely there cuffs. It also happens to be perfect for the not too cold winters that we experience here in Pune and Mumbai.

Trends For The Party Season : Leather & Fur

Leather Pants - the hottest sister of the pants sisterhood. Its amazing how the humble simple pants can transform into this uber chic glamour goddess. No seriously…take your everyday denims, keep everything else the same and just change the fabric- from denims to faux leather and be amazed at the magical transformation.

Trends For The Party Season : Leather & Fur

So if you are planning to party in a pair of pants this season, let it be a sexy pair of leather pants, throw in some fur and high heeled booties for a good measure of glam..and party the night away..

Trends For The Party Season : Leather & Fur

Uhhh and I am saving the best for the last. You will be (hopefully) surprised to know that most of this look is thrifted :)

Leather and fur trend : the verdict

Trends For The Party Season : Leather & Fur

Leather and fur is the most risky combination I have tried thus far, I have to say that this risk paid off and I am obsessively in love. I do recommend trying leather and fur this season individually or as a glamorous pair.

Leather Pants : Gift

Faux Fur Vest : Thrift find (Rs250)

Shirt : Thrift find (Rs 250)

Nacklace : Colaba Causeway (Rs300)

Cuff : Westside

Booties : JustFab

 Photography : Pranav Arwari @livelaugh_and_doodle ( insta handle)


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