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A lot has happened in 2014, so much love, so much learning and so much to be grateful for. As the year draws to an end I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and soul for your time, your love and your comments – its you who make this blog what it is :) The ticking clock also made me realise that there is one thing that happened in 2014 that I am immensely grateful for, however it is something I have not shared with all of you here..

So without wasting much time..here it is..

The month of November saw a story on fashion bloggers from Pune in Pune Mirror and I was lucky enough to be one of the fashion bloggers to be featured. It was a fun experience that involved a photo shoot and an interview, the concept of the interview was completely new for me which made it all the more interesting. The interview was done by Suktara Ghosh who was an absolute pleasure to talk to.

Here is how it turned out..

See it here or read the full article here http://www.punemirror.in/others/sunday-read/FASHION-at-their-fingertips/articleshow/45008099.cms

Top fashion blogs Pune

A little about what I wore and why..

I thought long and hard about what I should wear – should I try and be experimental, should I try and be hip, should I try and be extreme. I eventually decided to not try at all, I decided to be true to myself and my style aesthetic – which primarily is easy, comfortable and classic with a hint of desi. So I wore bell-bottom pants, (I am determined that I will singlehandedly bring them back in fashion) with a cape like top and my favourite silver jhumkas to finish things off my way.

Looking Good Feeling Fab in the press here and here :)

Pune Fashion Bloggers In Pune Mirror


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