Hello December and GOSF!!

December and the GOSF shopping madness

December ahhh December I can smell you in the air and see you all around as the markets get busier setting up stalls selling shiny glittering adornments for lush tall Christmas trees. A time for carols, new beginnings, joy, family reunions, cakes, gifts, gratitude, holidays, delicious meals, warm conversations, bright smiles, melodious laughter and so many things that I love..

And of course the Gifts!! I think being able to gift someone you love, something they care about is such a privilege..it is the easiest way to start a new relationship or strengthen an existing one. I love receiving warm, thoughtful gifts but I think I enjoy gifting a little more. The process of trying to narrow down on that perfect gift,bringing it out at the opportune moment and the expression that follows, smiles, tears, hugs, joy!! nothing can compare..

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I mentioned in a previous post that October is always a month of over indulgence for me, which out of guilt makes November a month of calculated restraint and by the time December rolls in I am itching to loosen those purse strings a little. And so December is special, it always feels like fragrant fresh air, which I can finally inhale!! All of November I keep filling my virtual shopping cart and December is when I can finally bring some of it home, for myself and the ones I love..

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This year though I am just a little more excited than other years..this December I have marked 10th to 12th December on my shopping calendar and this is when most of my gift shopping is likely to happen. Why?? you ask…well….hmmm…if you promise to keep this a secret, just between you and me, I will let you in on the excitement…

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The Great Online Shopping Festival Deals

10th to 12th December is when The Great Online Shopping Festival is happening, my secret sources tell me that there will be fantastic deals and gigantic discounts to make this merry time merrier. I also happen to know that CupoNation is where you will find the best GOSF deals offered by the largest online stores, all nicely categorized and neatly packaged for your shopping convenience. So make sure you clear up a day, get your fingers ready for the cardio and ensure your shopping carts are well oiled..

Best Indian Fashion Blogs

GOSF is sure to make December more joyous and CupoNation is where all the action will be.

Happy December and Happy Shopping you guys..

Shirt Dress : Koovs

Necklace : Globus sale

Heels : Charles and Keith





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