Pune Street Style : Ilivili

Pune Street Style

I am so thrilled to be bringing back the  “Pune Street Style” segment on the blog after a long hiatus. The hiatus was mainly due to the fact that most people seem to be scared of DSLR camers, choosing to exercise their flight mode the moment I bring it out. Also, finding well dressed women can sometimes be harder than spotting a tiger at the bus station, no really! Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of gorgeous girls in Pune, but they either remain in hiding during the day and on the rare occasion that I spot one, their footwear does them in, gorgeous maxi dress with bathroom chappals!!

So if you are in Pune and you think you have a unique sense of style, or if you know someone like that, please do get in touch with me and we would love to do a photo shoot with you and feature you here :)

Today we are featuring the lovely, Ilivili, I had spotted her in a beautiful maxi dress at Dorabjees about six months ago from across the road and by the the I crossed (takes me ages to do so) she disappeared. She did however post some of her pictures from that evening on Facebook and it so happened that a thread of common links led me to her profile… It took this long for us to meet and schedule this shoot, but I am so glad we finally met up. Ili is warm, gentle, caring and super stylish ALWAYS!! She puts together things with such ease that it almost makes tricks one into believing that the process indeed is effortless..

Street Fashion Pune Featuring Ilivili

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I asked Ili a few rapid fire style questions and here is all the fun..

How long have you been in Pune Ili?

I am from Dimapur and have been in Pune for 4 years. Top Indian fashion blogs

What is fashion to you?

Fashion is an expression of who you are. For me it is all about being comfortable and yet stylish, It is not about trends and colours but about what suits you. Also, I think investing is nice bags and shoes is very essential and often ignored (and I agree). People keep buying the best clothes and sideline the accessories, it should be the other way around.

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Which is your favourite place to shop in Pune?

Phoenix Mall. Zara is my favourite, it is where I get things that fit my style.

Which is your favourite place to eat in Pune?

I love Mainland China.

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A bollywood actress whose style you love?

Sonam Kapoor. She never takes a wrong fashion step, ever!!

Whose wardrobe would you like to steal?

Blake Lively.

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A trend you are currently loving?

Maxi skirts with long slits and pointed curved heels. We shot this early in the morning on MG Road Pune (which is my favourite place in the world!!) and was the first shoot For Pranav who is new on the lookinggoodfeelingfab team yay!! Hope you enjoyed this street style post just like the others here, here and here.

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All Pictures Shot By : Pranav Arwari (@livelaugh_and_doodle (insta handle))


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