The Best Red Lipstick Ever!

“Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kickass red lipstick.” Gwyneth Paltrow

Best Red Lipstick

A red lipstick means different things to different people, to some it is an essential, for some it is an addiction, some feel naked without it and some with it, some fear it, some shy away from it, some admire it from a distance while others hoard it in every possible shade..

A red lipstick does mean different things to different people but it still has a universal appeal, it brings instant attention and instant gratification the the wearer like nothing else does. It says, I am confident, I am independent, I love myself, I don’t care about what people think but I do care about them. A red lipstick does say a lot without saying much..

I for one would never ever dare to wear a red lipstick or a bold colour, why? I am not too sure. Maybe I thought red lips are not for Indian skin, maybe I thought too much about how others would read my red lips..or maybe I was just fooling myself..maybe I was scared..

Lime crime red velvetine review

My love affair with red and bright lipsticks started with this post and there has been no looking back. It hasnt become an everyday essential but it has become something I look forward to when ever I get a chance, in fact I find myself creating opportunities to flaunt my new love..

My youtube addiction recently led me to Lime crime and I found myself marveling at the collection and the colours. Trust me I knew right then that this was no coincidence, it was indeed divine intervention that led me to this red, pink and bright heaven. I wanted the pink velvetine but it was out of stock so I got myself the red velvetine instead, no regrets though, turned out to be the best thing ever.

Lime crime red velvetine review

I loved this red so so much that I went back and this haul is a result of this second trip to the lime crime site.

Now for the review of the lip stains and the eye liners. (I am no beauty blogger, so please excuse the lack of technical heavyweight words) this is more like an emotional review, straight from the heart.

Lime Crime Velvetine and Eyeliner Review

1. The lip stains dry out to be completely matte.

2. They do not transfer no matter what you do, it will start wearing off only when you bring it in contact with water and rub rub rub.

3. The colours are beautiful with so much pigmentation that you would never need more than one coat.

4. Price 20$

5. Lasts till you want it to. Will come off only when you rub with water with an intention to take it off.

6. Does not really dry out the lips (maybe just very very little..)

The eyeliners

1. These are matte too

2. Beautiful colours and pigmentation.

3. Price 14$

4. Lasts till you don’t rub it off.

5. Will not transfer to the upper crease or anywhere else.

6. Super quality.

I hope I have done justice to this review, and I hope all the beauty bloggers are not scoffing at my attempt :) But I do genuinely love the products I got.

I hope you enjoyed the little fun with lime crime video

and if you do buy the velvetines or eyeliners do send a picture :)


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