Last 50 Days Of 2014

Every December I go into overdrive creating long lists of resolutions and goals, the enthusiasm continues through January. By the time it is Feb, the rut of routine gets the better of me and all those quirky new diaries, lofty resolutions and massive goals are all lost under piles of everyday chores and harsh realities of our fast paced lives.

My goals and resolutions require precision, they need love, time, prioritization and an organised life, I find myself losing control, I wish for time to stop so I can just catch up, I find myself slipping, I can feel the din and cacophony of life consuming me..and just like that.. I can see myself losing sight of my dreams and resolutions, they vanish before my eyes..

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Before I know it, its December all over again, I decide to try all over again and I resolve to hold on to my resolutions even tighter this time, the tightest I have ever held on to them!!

This time things are going to be a little different, I am going to beat time at its own game and to do that I am starting out small, starting out very early and starting out with a deadline. I have a plan and here it is..

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Instead of spending these last few days of 2014 exclaiming “I cant believe that we are in Dec already, end of 2014!!” or complaining “Oh my God!! where did 2014 go?? I wanted to do so much”, I am going to do some major planning and executing. So here is the plan and its called

Mission Last 50 Days Of  2014.

A lot can be achieved in these 50 days of 2014, the year isn’t over yet and its the perfect way to set the pace for 2015 (A very fast pace, might I add). So here are just a few of the things that I would like to get done by 31st Dec 2014, and I am making myself accountable.

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1. Post 10 YouTube videos and Re-brand the blog and all associated social media channels.

2. Spend an hour everyday chanting and meditating.

3. Shed the excess weight I have put on in the last 3 months. ( More on that later)

4. Reach out to 15 people who I have been meaning to reach out to over the last few month or years but have not done so. (because maybe I don’t know what to write, maybe I am sacred of them not responding, for fear of “what will she think..” or due to sheer laziness)

5. Send a personal note to all those people you have made 2014 a little brighter for me, to all those who helped me reach even an mm closer to my dreams.

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These are just a few of the things and the deadline is 31st December.

What do you want to achieve in these 50 days? How do you want to start 2015? What are the things that really make you happy? Who are the people who made 2014 beautiful for you?

I want to know it all…so tell me..I am waiting..

Kurta : Shruti Bhandari

Palazzo Pants : Thrifted

Heels : Dior

Necklace : Society Exhibition Pune



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