The Maharani In Me

Every once in a while I feel the urge to let everything else just slip by while I appease the Maharani in me. Yes there is a Maharani in me, there is one in you, there is one in each one of us too. Sometimes she gets lost, sometimes she hides, she shields herself from the hurt of ignorance..but she is there.

There is a focused professional in us, there is a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend, a colleague, a sister, a lover, a daughter in law, a teacher, a giver…but there is a Maharani too…often forgotten…often ignored..she waits..

My maharani needs no crown and she needs no palace, in fact just the opposite,

She loves the simplicity of cotton and the purity of white.

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She loves quiet moments with a book.

She loves to sit by a window watching the trees sway and the birds sing.

She loves to slip her feet into something ornate.

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She loves to dream.

She loves the possibility of what can be

And she does love her English tea…

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I dont know about you, but every once in a while I feel the need to honour the Maharani in me…

I slip into something that allows me to be me

I take a step back

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I take a moment to feel gratitude for everything that surrounds me

Sometimes I go back in time to relive moments gone by

Sometimes I peek into the future and the possibilities it holds..

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Have you ever stopped a moment to get to know your Maharani? What makes her happy, what makes her dance?

As the year rolls to an end, just like countless other years have, just like the next year will…

The Maharani in you beckons, get to know her…make her smile…and she will make sure you smile always!




Maharani Ruskin Bond

Skirt : Thrifted, Kurta : Stitched, Necklace : Law Garden Ahmedabad



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