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Sometimes when you want something really bad, you dream about it all night and it plays in your head all day, you feel the rush, you experience that adrenaline high it almost feels like a palpable tangible reality. Then one day it actually happens, and when a long cherished dream turns into reality it takes time for it to sink in, it takes time for it to become real and it takes time to start believing…

That is exactly what happened to me, I wanted to share this big news with all of you the moment it happened, but it took this long for me to comprehend it all and grasp the reality of what had just unfolded,to feel the gratitude deep within my soul, to feel the appreciation within every cell of my being..

So this is what happened……

Featured in India Today

Top Indian Fashion Blogs

I was featured in Indian Today, yay!!, not just featured they also ran an article I wrote about my city Pune, one full page of Indian Today’s Simply Pune was mine all mine…feels so so good just saying this..

Top Indian Fashion Blogs

Now I know, some of you might think “big deal!!!” and I agree, maybe I built it up too much, maybe it does not mean much to some, but to me it is proof, that, if you can dream it you can do it. It means the world to me and will remain one of my proudest moments in life. India Today is a publication I hold in very high regard and it is a magazine I have grown up with. To me India Today stands for intellect, respect and power and I feel honoured that I could have a page in the highly esteemed magazine all to myself.

Top Indian Fashion Blogs

If a few years back you had said that maybe I could be featured in India Today, I would have honestly thought you were out of your mind. I could not have thought of absolutely any reason why any magazine (forget India Today) would want to have me in it. I did secretly dream about it, but honestly could not have come up with even a single remote, crazy, wild idea of how I could get in there.

The universe does have this way of bringing to you opportunities that could make the craziest sounding dreams come true….just ask for it, work for it and leave the plotting and scheming to the universe…you will be surprised at what you find..

I have to thank you for being here in this moment with me, for sharing this with me, for giving me the courage to dream bigger dreams and for making Looking Good Feeling Fab what it is. It is only and only because you are here, reading this, that I am what I am today. Thank you.

I have to thank Shruti and Aditi for making this happen for me, both of them are dear dear friends now and I love them to bits!!

Top Indian Fashion Blogs

Thank you Abhijit Patil for the lovely photographs..most people did not read what I had written but all of them complimented me on the photographs and all the credit goes to you. Thank you.

Top Indian Fashion Blogs

As for, what I wore..I wanted it to be bright and fuss free hence the printed Zara pants, solid coloured top (gifted) and statement necklace (old).

Featured In India Today September 8, 2014 Issue

Creme Magazine feature.


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