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I dont know about you guys, but for me shopping is a therapeutic exercise, given an option, I would rather hit the mall than the spa to unwind and de-stress. The only time that shopping becomes a stress for me, is when I need to head to the denim department in search of that perfect pair of jeans.

The whole process starts with a lot of soul searching, trying to figure out what the heart really desires, does it desire to be trendy, bold or does it want to look skinny. Once that is sorted, the mind kicks in trying to figure out all the technicalities – skinny, bootcut, straight, stretch, low rise, high rise,distressed, embellished…phew!! With this vivid picture of my ‘perfect pair-o-jeans’ etched in my mind, heart and soul, I head to the mall looking for what seems like a needle in a hay stack.

Hours of relentless trying, tons of deep breathing, sucking in the stomach till it hurts and undying optimism are just a few of the things that are needed during the exercise and yet I cannot think of a time when I found that piece of perfection , the jeans my heart and soul desired, it always seemed like a bit of the compromise.

Not any more though..

Yup I have found the key to perfection – that pair of jeans that makes me look fantastic, feel confident and sexy is not a distant dream anymore. yay yay!! Can you tell I am super excited yet?

I am talking about customized jeans – yesssss!! couture denims!! denim heaven!!

Buy Customized Jeans In India

No more ‘plumber butts’

No more gaping jeans

No more distressing at the wrong places

No more hanging pockets

No more odd lengths

No more colour compromises..

The denim revolution has hit India and the much needed respite is all thanks to GETWEAR.IN

buy best customized jeans India

They have a wonderful range of ready to wear jeans for men and women, you can take your pick from skinny to flare, available in standard sizes and made of the highest quality cotton, you could choose to buy these jeans, but if you think you need more then they give you more..

You can customize your pair of perfect jeans, pick the fit (skinny, bootcut, straight, slim, flare…) pick your colour, pick the waistline (high rise, low rise, mid rise), you can even pick your own threading (imagine that!!)

buy best customized jeans India

buy best customized jeans India

Zip fly? Button fly? Hell you can even pick your lining, rivets and buttons!!

Play with colour fading and distressing cut them with a pair of scissors, rip them with a hook, pick the brush and paint or the best, pick the gun a pass a bullet through those jeans..(now that really appeals to the Charlies Angel in me ;)

buy best customized jeans India

Its like creating your own pizza, selecting your own toppings to cater to your own unique personality and mood, this actually is even better, because you can visually see your creation in great detail and precision. No surprises!

And of course you customize your size too.

buy best customized jeans India

I can go on and on talking about just how much fun their customization tool is, but you really have to try it to believe it. It is like a cool fashion game and I urge you to go play..

I am placing an order for my very own customized jeans today and I am going in for a dark wash, dark threading flare pattern. I am keeping it simple and fuss free so that I could pass them off as trousers for semi formal kind of occasions too.

I will be show you what the jeans I actually receive look like so we can all judge how accurate the customization is and how great the fit is… customized and ready to wear jeans in India.

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    Nice,i liked GETWEAR.IN in recommended my friends and realatives to go and buy on getwear site.And also i recommended on my couponmela website visitors to go and Buy Jeans on your site.

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