Best Beauty And Makeup Products : Samyukta’s List

Beauty Blogger Samyukta of Isimply love makeup revealy her 5 must have beauty and makeup products.

In today’s post I continue the series that I started here with beauty blogger Jyoti of Everything That Matters. This is where I bug my blogger friends to reveal their beauty secrets and tell us about the 5 products that they swear by, those that they cannot live without.

My darling friend and beauty blogger par excellence, Samyukta of I Simply Love Makeup, talks about her favourite products today. Samyukta, really needs no introduction, if you have ever asked Mr google for assistance while looking for reviews of any beauty product worth its salt, Samyukta and her pretty face are sure to have popped up. She is always experimenting, she always has a long queue of products lined up to undergo her meticulous testing, she travels to places I dream of, she manages to do in a day what I do in a month and she is a darling friend.

I have to also say that when ever I meet her, I cannot help but stare at her natural looking flawless skin and wonder “is she wearing makeup or is she not?” I can never ever tell.

Ok so here we go…I asked Samyukta, out of all the thousands of products she has tried and tested, which are her favourites, which are the ones we should try, and here is what she said..

Samyukta best makeup products India

I am really fickle… My Rising sign is Gemini and I attribute this to the fact that my favorites keep on changing… However, there are a couple of products that have passed the test of time with me and I absolutely cannot do without them…
Here goes my list:

Samyukta’s top 5 makeup and beauty products available in India

1. MAC Face & Body Foundation (Rs1700, 50ml)

Samyukta best makeup products India

I have a phobia of people getting to know that I am very foundation… I always like my base makeup to be discreet, almost not there and yet do its job flawlessly and this is where this fabulous product comes into the picture…

It’s great for normal to dry skin and if you are not looking for very heavy coverage. I use MAC Face and body foundation in C5.

2. Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream (~Rs1199)

Samyukta best beauty products India

Its a recent find and it is one of the best face creams I have ever used till date. Its great for the 30s skin. It makes your skin look refreshed, plumped up and restores elasticity and I am reading this off the carton but speaking out of experience :)

3. The Body Shop Vitamin E BB Cream (~Rs850)

Samyukta best makeup products India

Gosh! If I had to choose a BB cream available in the Indian Market, I would without a doubt pick this one up every single time! It just makes me look so flawless naturally!

4. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo (Rs990)

Samyukta best makeup products India

My go to lipstick when I am down in the dumps, when I am rearing to go, when I need a confidence boost, when I feel fat, when I feel lazy to do any sort of makeup and when I am in the mood to party… Yeah so I reach out to this lipstick basically always!

Its a fabulous shade of Red, perfectly matte and always lets the limelight be on you :)

5. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (Rs1100)

Samyukta best makeup products India

Jet Black – Check

Long Stay  – Check

Smudge-proof – Check

Waterproof – Check

Sets like a tattoo – Check

Need I say more?

I almost hate it because it has spoiled other liners and kajals for me :P


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