WIFW S/S 15 Day 2 : My Picks

WIFW Day 2

Day 2 of WIFW has been a day of jaw dropping awe inspiring fashion.

Lets get straight into it..

Gauri and Nainika WIFW S/S 2015

The whole collection was designed to wow and also to create awareness about global warming and other environmental issues. I would have never thought that fashion could be used as a medium to create environmental awareness in such a glamorous, red carpet ready manner. Now each time I will see one of these dresses on a magazine cover or on the red carpet, I will be reminded of doing my bit for planet Earth.

Gauri & Nainika WIFW SS15

I actually quite disliked a couple of the prints, they just seemed too busy for my taste, however what I did love were the solid colour dresses with the 3D origami like details. Obsessed!!

Gauri & Nainika WIFW SS15 Gauri & Nainika WIFW SS15

Pankaj and Nidhi WIFW S/S 2015

The collection aptly titled “vintage closet” had me swooning in love. I loved the colour palette and anything with even a whiff of vintage makes me go weak in the knees..this collection was oozing with vintage beauty. There was a lot of newness in the collection, though there were pieces that bore the standard Pankaj and Nidhi signature too.

Pankaj & Nidhi WIFW SS15

Pankaj & Nidhi WIFW SS15

Payal Pratap WIFW S/S 2015

The psychedelic floral prints took me to the boho 70′s, the powder blue anarkali like dress with the waistcoats reminded of of a royal princess and then there were pieces that had Payal Pratap, written all over them..

My picks from the collection..

Payal Pratap WIFW SS15

Payal Pratap WIFW SS15

Kavita Bhartia WIFW S/S 2015

I have been a fan of the designer for the last 10 years. There was a time when every piece I would pick at a store, just happened to be Kavita Bhartia. I still cherish the Kavita Bhartia pieces I own. The WIFW SS 2015 pieces I want..

Kavita Bhartia WIFW SS15

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