WIFW S/S 2015 : Day 1

WIFW S/S 2015 Day 1

The ongoing WIFW S/S 2015 promised to inject a serious dose of fashion into our lives and if day one is anything to go by, we surely are in for a treat.

Pero by Aneeth Arora WIFW S/S 2015

It all started with the fabulous Pero show, which seemed to have this magical ability to transport you to someplace else. A place where I could see myself blissfully lost among butterflies, flowers, the green grass, rainbows, books and fashion. The clothes were signature Pero, easy breezy, minimal, bohemian and beautiful.

Pero Aneeth Arora WIFW S/S15

A few things that I absolutely loved about the Pero WIFW S/S 2015 show :

1. The garden for a ramp.

2. Watering canisters for bags.

3. Hand embroidered neon sneakers.

4. The beautiful colours of the muted palette.

5. The flowers, on the head and the clothes. Those exquisitely embroidered flowers on those crop tops, yumm.

Pero Aneeth Arora WIFW S/S15

I think you will totally see me in neon sneakers super soon, Pero has left me totally inspired.

Hemant And Nandita WIFW S/S 2015

Simple silhouettes tailored to perfection is how I read this collection. The collection really appealed to the classic dresser in me.

Hemant & Nandita WIFW S/S 15

What I loved about Hemant And Nandita WIFW S/S 2015

1. Versatile separates.

2. The modernist Ikat in lovely citrus hues.

3. The sensuality of the fringe (dont miss those awesome clutches with the fringe)

Hemant & Nandita WIFW S/S 15

Tarun Tahiliani WIFW S/S 2015

Well, the master himself. He has always been the King of digital prints and he has cemented his position there. I dont think anyone can beat him in the game of prints and drapes.

So, anyway, ever so often when I have noting better to do, I dream of a beautiful wedding (with no budget restraints) that I would have if ever I were to renew my wows or if ever my husband gets super romantic (impossible!!)…but you cant stop me from dreaming..

Tarun Tahiliani WIFW s/s 15

Ok, so if ever that were to happen, I would most definately be in the most delicate and intricate Tarun Tahiliani outfit. There is something so appealing about Tarun Tahiliani’s minimally embellished intricate garments. Feminine, romantic and dreamy.

What I loved about Tarun Tahiliani WIFW S/S 2015

I mean come on..this list could be endless..really..but..

1. The menswear..so beautiful and so wearable.

Tarun Tahiliani WIFW s/s 15

2. That new digital print.

3. Those colours


Tarun Tahiliani WIFW s/s 15




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