Top 5 Indian Beauty Products : Beauty Blogger Jyoti of ETM

Beauty Blogger Jyoti Reveals Her Top Indian Beauty And Makeup Products

As embarrassing as this may sound, I will admit that I do love getting a peek into the vanity cases of women, especially the gorgeous ones. I love discovering what soap they use, what lotions and potions help keep them looking like a million bucks. So yes sometimes if I get into someones bathroom, I do take notes…hehe

I know right this minute some of my friends and family are aghast and have decided to never let me into their bathrooms, but then these are the risks I take as a blogger :)

So in this “BLOGGER PICKS THEIR TOP 5″ series, I am asking some of the top bloggers to pick their top 5 products. These are products that they swear byand those that they cannot live without. For a lot of my blogger friends these are closely guarded secrets that I had to beg, threaten or blackmail them for.

Kicking off the series is Jyoti of the blog EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS, now Jyoti really does know her beauty and makeup better than the back of her hand. She has a ton of beauty products that fill up every corner of her home, waiting to be tried and tested by the beauty connoisseur. A big problem that plagues her day and night is the sheer volume of products that companies keep sending her to try. I mean a girl can wear only one lipstick at a time..ok maybe 2..or 3.

Top Indian Beauty & Makeup Products

While bonding over some fried rice and manchurian, Jyoti revealed her top 5 beauty and makeup products…girls you have to try these.

Indian Beauty Blogger Jyoti’s Top 5 Beauty And Makeup Products

Skin type: Combination (normal with an oily T-zone) , acne prone

Skin tone: Wheatish / Medium

Top Indian Beauty & Makeup Products

1. Clarins White plus+HP Clear Softening Peeling Gentle Renewing Lotion: As much as I love

my makeup, skin care always tops my list because no makeup is going to look good on bad

skin. This Clarins peeling lotion is the most wonderful product I have used so far as far as skin

care is concerned. Over a period of time it starts to show amazing results(around 10 days in

my case) .Removes dead skin, makes skin clean, clear, lightens spots, refines pores and there

is this visible healthy glow that I absolutely love. An all in one solution for dull skin it is.

Price: INR 2400/-

Top Indian Beauty & Makeup Products

2. Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti ageing Foaming Cleanser: I never gave much importance to

face washes, but ever since I got hold of this one, I know what a good cleanser can do to

your skin. This one is especially good for my kind of skin that is prone to breakouts every

now and then. It controls zits, cleans thoroughly and removes makeup.

Price: INR 245/-

Top Indian Beauty & Makeup Products

3. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation: This one is a no brainer and if you have ever used

it, you will know why I love this so much! Super easy to use, medium coverage that conceals

minor imperfections easily and oil controlling property makes it my go to compact.

Price: INR 1800/- (Not aware of the increased price)

Top Indian Beauty & Makeup Products

4. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick “Ruby Woo” : The ultimate red lipstick for me! The pigmentation,

color, the longevity, the feel on lips and the finish…it’s all I would ever want from a lipstick.

No wonder its one of the best sellers. Of course those with dry lips would find it drying, but

for me if I have to wear just one lipstick all my life, “Ruby Woo” would be the one! <3

Price: INR 1450/-

Bloggers Top 5 Indian Beauty Products

5. Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes: No matter where I am, I always carry these skincare wipes

with me. These refresh, cleanse, remove makeup and mildly exfoliate. I also use these to

remove my waterproof eye makeup as it doesn’t sting at all. Of course you need to follow up

with a face wash or cleanser if you have heavy makeup on. Otherwise it is just perfect for

the regular days and light everyday makeup.

Price: 199/- for 80 wipes

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