Pune Shopping With Shivoguee

Shivoguee : Punes own shopping extravaganza

It all started on Saturday when I returned from Mumbai to find a gorgeous invite waiting for me. After spending what seemed like a lifetime admiring the logo, the font, the pop of pink and how tastefully it had all been brought together, I flipped…lo and behold, it was for a fashion exhibition…and where???…wait for it..PUNE!!!

Pune Shopping Shivoguee

As if that wasn’t enough, the list of participants reads like a dream..SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi, Vasavi Shah, Nishka Lulla..to just name a few. I have been living in Pune for a long time now, and I do not think there has ever been a fashion feast of this massive a proportion for Pune’s fashion lovers, ever before.

I think for once, Mumbai has been given a reason to come down to Pune and shop.

Needless to say, I could not contain my excitement, I wanted to know so much more, I wanted the inside scoop…so I got in touch with the Shivougee team to get them to dish out some Shivoguee secrets and here is what I now know..

Pune Shopping Shivoguee

Shopping in Pune The Shivoguee way!

So, Shivoguee was born on a whim. Tell us about it and the fashionable minds behind the idea.

United by our love for fashion and equipped with skills of management and planning, four of us Shiven Tapadiya, Kailash Shivnani, Kaushal Shah and Cherry Jhawar, closest friends put our heads together to conceptualize Shivoguee. Along with the ‘technical’ gifts that each of us bring to the table, our camaraderie too, has fuelled this fire! It is our common passion that gave rise to the concept almost overnight.

From concept to reality. What was the journey like? 

It has been an exhilarating journey fueled by passion, commitment and friendship. Its hard to believe that a night of brainstorming has led to a reality of this big a scale. We are proud and hope Pune is too, soon..

Pune Shopping Shivoguee

What made you choose Pune?

Pune has been a bright spark in each of our backgrounds, we wished to give a little back to the city in the form of an event she will await year after year.

Pune Shopping Shivoguee

There is a bevy of extremely talented and passionate designers that is going to descend upon Pune soon. How did this set of designers come together? 

At Shivoguee, we work with unbridled passion and efficiency to sieve through the cornucopia of fashion, to bring you the finest, the most exceptional and exclusive couture and prêt from across the country! We worked hard to ensure that Shivoguee represents the best in the fashion industry. To give you a glimpse, we have with us SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi, Nishka Lulla, Mandira Bedi Sarees, Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam, WILF & LFW designers like Pinnacle by Shruti Sancheti, Aditi Holani, Megha Garg, Vasavi Shah, Ruceru and more!

Pune Shopping Shivoguee

The invites and the first look, have set a very high standard. What can Puneites expect at Shivoguee?

Symbolising Shiva the most aesthetic and creative God with Vogue for fashion, design and style, Shivoguee is the only exhibition to bring a combination of top brands from fashion and lifestyle to Pune at this scale; and we guarantee both high level of quality and uniqueness. Our brand portfolio is fine tuned with season to season exhibitions with continuous innovation, new concepts and impeccable implementation! We choose venues keeping in mind the footfall… so you have comfortable space to move around, discuss your outfit with the designer and truly enjoy your shopping experience. With an efficient back-end team and know-how from the best in the industry, we are sure to make your visit thoroughly worth your while!

We are confident that everyone will leave feeling thrilled and satisfied with the experience called “Shivoguee”

Pune Shopping Shivoguee

Ok, so if you are in Pune and if this hasn’t got you excited enough already..I honestly don’t know will..

Make sure you head to Shivoguee this weekend and who knows we might just bump into each other :)


10th & 11th October

11am to 8pm

Hyatt Regency Nagar Road Pune.

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