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Indian Wedding And Festive Fashion

Oh wow its end October, Dussehra, Karwachauth, a ton of birthdays (yay!!) and then Diwali, the month always comes with a  promise to keep me on my toes. So each year around October I start to get a little more excited and a little more eager, it always makes me feel like time is running out – so much to do so little time. It makes me feel like I need to push full throttle towards my dreams.

As my birthday starts to draw near, I also find myself thinking about what I would like to do on the ‘day’ to make it special for myself. I mean it comes year after year every year, I wait patiently for it to arrive, knowing well that it is my special day, and then it vanishes quicker than I can even fathom – always leaving me unsatiated and craving for more. So this time around, I am trying to plan, however I have had no luck yet…..maybe just a day spent in quiet solitude dreaming and reflecting…over cups of green tea..embracing the beauty and joy all around…a chance to live the slow life…or the slow day..will it happen? I will let you know..

Indian Fashion Lehenga

But the month does hold a lot of promise, and I am excited to see how it unfolds and what it brings into my life.

Right from October up until January all I am doing is buying new pretty diaries and putting down wishlists and goal lists :) Has the end of the year fever caught on to you yet??

Lets Talk Lehengas

Indian Fashion Lehenga

On a different note, lets talk about outfit ideas for the oncoming barrage of festivities ahead of us. Lets talk lehengas for a bit, I used to think that lehangas are a serious waste of money – something you wear on your wedding and then carefully pack it up in muslin and neem leaves ensuring safe storage for years to come. This limiting belief has recently been shattered giving way to the freedom of versatility that the lehenga now offers in my festive wardrobe. If creativity and imagination are put to good use the lehenga can prove to be the most versatile (maybe second to the saree) piece in any desi girls festive and wedding wardrobe. The lehenga promises some serious fun..

Indian Fashion Lehenga

This particular cotton lehenga is a latest addition to my closet and it already occupies pride of place..I have worn it twice already, within a span of the last 15 days. Such is my love for it. I wore it for Karwachauth, slightly differently though, pairing it with a plain royal blue silk crop top and my neon green Nikasha dupatta. Three very different separates came together in perfect harmony leaving me feeling proud of my styling and pairing skills.

Indian Fashion Lehenga

I always find the process of putting together separates to create a unique look that reflects my style and personality, much much more than buying a complete and perfect look right off a ramp…perfect is never fun in my books..

Indian Fashion Lehenga

For this post I am wearing the lehenga with a Tee, proving that the lehenga has potential even beyond weddings and festivals..

Are you wearing a lehenga this festive season?? Do tell..


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