TRIA At Home Laser Hair Removal Video

I have been talking about hair removal and laser hair removal in the last couple of videos and I am finally ready to conclude the hair removal series with this final video. This video is all about the TRIA at home laser hair removal, which is what I have been using for the last year or so.

TRIA at home laser hair removal

The video answers frequently asked questions about the TRIA at home laser system..questions like..

Does the TRIA at home laser really work?

Does TRIA laser hurt? How much does it cost?

How do you use it?

Where can you buy the TRIA at home laser.

All in all I would say that the TRIA is a fantastic investment if you are committed to doing laser. I hope this TRIA at home laser video was useful, please feel free to ask any questions which I may have skipped.


  • tani says:

    Hi Abhilasha, great review! I got my laser done here in US for $199 (half legs) and $200 for full arms, and $125 for underarms and upper lip.. it might sound a lot, but its actually dirt cheap! One sitting for half legs might cost you somewhere around $200-$400! If some of your readers are in US, i would definitely recommend them to check out Groupon or Living Social for laser deals. I am super satisfied with my results, and this Tria looks tempting.. I might just get it and use it on my face.

    • Once you start converting the dollars to INR everything seems :)
      but yeah Iv heard a lot of ppl trying laser thanks to some gread groupon deals…I would surely recommend this to my readers in the US. Similar groupon deals exist in Indian too but only for no name kind of tiny places, which seems like a risk to me…the reputed places dont seem to have those fantastic deals.
      Thank you Tani..happy to hear that Laser is working out well for you..yeah do try sure it will work well for u..
      soooo much loveeee :)

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