The Little White Dress

The Little White Dress seems to have been unjustly sidelined by the iconic status that the Little Black Dress enjoys. Yes, black is classic, elegant, safe and needs no overwhelming accessorizing to help it stand out, but neither does the little white dress.

Little white dress indian fashion blogs

I love the classic minimalism of the white dress, or the white anything much much more than the overrated black dress. There is something very simple and pure about a well fitted white dress that spells ethereal elegance to me.

Little white dress indian fashion blogs

Needless to say this dress was obsession at first sight for me. It ticked all the right boxes for that perfect dress.

1. Nice length

2. Minimal yet flattering silhouette

3. Feminine

4. Versatile

So I ordered it and waited as patiently as I possibly could for it to arrive. When it did arrive I could not contain my excitement – the dress of my dreams was here, It is chic and modern but yet has an old world lady like charm about it.

Little white dress indian fashion blogs

The only issue with The Little White dress is that it does need a ton of care and attention. Just the process of putting it on needs to be a well thought out and meticulously planned process, else you are sure to have a few stains on that gorgeous white dress.

Little white dress indian fashion blogs

So here are the steps I suggest you follow..

Put on the dress, put on a bath robe or an old t shirt on top of the dress, do your hair and makeup, wash your hands…once its all done and every thing is clean, take off that bath robe, put on the heels and off you go.

Little white dress indian fashion blogs

I wish I had thought this through before I did this shoot, but so excited was I that I threw all caution out the window and it resulted in some makeup on that gorgeous white dress…it is currently at the dry-cleaners and I am desperately hoping that he can work his magic on my white dress.

Little white dress indian fashion blogs

So you enjoy the post while I hope and pray for the safety and well being of my white dress :)

 Dress : Vajor

Heels and watch : Guess



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