RAW Pressery Juice Cleanse

‘Juice Cleanse’ ‘Juice Fasts’ - we have all heard of them,it is what Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities rely on when they need to get in shape and quick. Salma Hayek, Beyonce and Megan Fox all swear by a periodic cleanse to keep the skin glowing and everyone swooning over those taut bodies. Close to home Jacqueline Fernandez supposedly went on a week long Juice Cleanse to bag an item song in a coveted Bollywood movie.

So when in need of a clean start or a jump start towards your health and fitness goals a Juice Cleanse or Juice Fast is the way to go. I have been reading about Juice detox diets for so long now that I could hardly wait to give it a try. When RAW Pressery finally entered the Pune market, I jumped at the opportunity and finally tried a one day juice cleanse.

Juice Cleanse RAW Pressery

Here are all the details and FAQ’s about Juice Cleanse or The Juice Fast.

So what really is a juice cleanse or juice fast or juice detox.

When you decide to only consume juices for a period of time with the intention of flushing out toxins and all the rubbish from your body..that is what a juice cleanse is. But there is a method to the madness, you cannot just use any juice, the ones you get in your grocery stores are loaded with sugars, colours and preservatives, they certainly do not help you detox. Even if you are going for fresh juices, there needs to be well researched juice plan to ensure that the body is getting enough of all kinds of nutrients to keep it nourished while detoxing.

Juicing For Weightloss : Does It Work?

There have been plenty of case studies that show that juicing indeed can aid in weightloss. However going on long ‘juice only’ fasts has been frowned upon by plenty of nutritionists. So while going on a 1 or 2 or 3 day Juice cleanse is healthy, going for weeks on ‘juice only’ is not really recommended.

The RAW Pressery Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse RAW Pressery

First Impressions

My six bottles of juices were delivered right at my door step early in the morning making a fantastic first impression. The gorgeous hues of the juices tingled all my senses and left me enamored even before I could analyze them further.

What Impressed Me

1. The juices had been cold pressed that very morning, I have no idea at what insane hours RAW Pressery works, but the thought of having freshly cold pressed juices is delightful for someone like me.

2. They stand true to their claims. Each bottle contains a well thought out concoction of freshly cold pressed juices and NOTHING ELSE. That NOTHING ELSE is more precious to me than anything else in the bottle. No preservatives, no colours, no nonsense tall claims, no rubbish…just natures goodness in the convenience of a beautiful bottle.

Juice Cleanse RAW Pressery

Since there are no preservatives, the juices do get spoilt, I tried to save a few sips of the BUILD for the next day, however inspite of refrigeration it did not survive. That I would say is a good thing and proves that there actually are no preservatives added. Food ..’good food’ is supposed to get spoilt, any food you have sitting around in your kitchen with a shelf life of 2yrs and 3yrs..is not very good for you..think about it.

3. The cleanse is extremely well thought out. Each bottle has a benefit and the ideal consumption time clearly written on it. Just takes all the guesswork out of doing a juice cleanse, making it easy and enjoyable.

How was my juice cleanse?

Well, I will be honest, I cheated a little..I had a light lunch (dal and salad) and dinner (salad) while also consuming the juices. However in-spite of having cheated I felt fantastic – light, energetic and healthy. Pssst..if you want a flat flat tummy for a night of partying in that crop top, this is what you need to do.

My favourite RAW Pressery Juice

All the juices taste very good..

Juice Cleanse RAW Pressery

It has to be the 2:00pm FLUSH with the goodness of apple, Beetroot, carrot, ginger, lemon (and nothing else). The deep hue and the sweet gingery beetrooty taste – I loved it. I am a veggie juice lover hence the choice, if you are more of a fruit juice kind of person, the 11:30am RUN might be right up your alley, with pineapple, pear and chia seeds.

What I did not like about RAW Pressery

There is only one problem I had with the juices – I could not have enough of them. Let me explain, I can easily incorporate atleast 3 bottles of 413ml bottles into my daily diet.( I am an absolute juice lover). Each 413ml bottle is Rs250, so I would be spending over 22000Rs every month on juice alone. Well, quality products come at a price and this is so worth it. If you can fit RAW Pressery into your daily diet and budget you are off to seriously good start and your body will thank you in the years to come.

They do have a number of other plans where they deliver a 250ml bottle a day or every alternate day, but for me one tiny glass of juice every alternate day just does not cut it ;) (That is how much juice I consume..hehe..)

So I will stick to the RAW Pressery Juice cleanse and detox periodically…you go ahead and pick your RAW Pressery plan now..




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