Lakme Fashion Week : 5 Collections I Want Now

Trust me, bringing the list down to 5 has not been easy. This list of my top Lakme Fashion Week shows is a result of long nights spent making very tough decisions and tougher eliminations. At the end of it all these are the 5 collections that I would kill to have, these are the ones that have given me sleepless nights and some very pleasant dreams, yes both!!

Lakme Fashion Week My Top 5 Collections

Payal Singhal

I have been a huge fan of Payal Singhal’s designs right from the first time she showed at the fashion week. Her designs have always bees fuss free and very distinct. If there was one show I really did not want to miss, it was hers, and things worked out in such a fantastic manner that I happened to be in Mumbai on the day of her show and hence managed to catch the show along with a few others. Her collection is stunning, her signature print for the season is mesmerizing, it transports you to a different royal era.


The show had many moods, starting off with the muted going into deeper hues and ending on a very regal note. There was something for absolutely everyone – saris, skirts, crop tops, dhoti’s : versatile separates with superhero potential.

Lakme Fashion Week Best Collections

Gaurang Shah

Always a favourite, he brings life and love into traditional Indian wear. Each time I see his pieces, I feel like changing into a sari and a big bindi.

Lakme Fashion Week Best Collections

Sanjay Garg

The colours, OMG those colours. Honestly nothing else was needed…just those colours could bring a dead man to life. The details the silhouettes and oh yeah those colours. He even had some fun skirts this time around, dying for one of those.

Lakme Fashion Week Best Collections

Purvi Doshi

Purvi Doshi’s stellar collection took my breath away!! Those bold bright colours and the mirror work, the perfect combination. Traditional handicraft highlighted with stunning visual effect. I have always been a lover of the art of mirror work and it is really sad that the art is dying a slow death, being replaced by cheap shortcuts created with machines and sequin. Thank you Purvi Doshi for reminding us that somethings are best created with love and patience by hand..for reminding us that the traditions or India need to be kept alive.

Lakme Fashion Week Best Collections

Swati Vijaivargie

Such a fun fun fun collection of fusion wear (my absolute fav!!) Lovely prints in bright colours, stunning separates that can be worn in so many ways.

Lakme Fashion Week Best Collections

I hope you enjoyed my list of favourite designers and collections from Lakme Fashion Week AW 2014.

These are designers I am dying to have in my closet..they are designers that have influenced my fashion choices for the coming season these are my top 5 of Lakme Fashion Week.


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