Facial Hair Removal

Facial Hair And Getting Rid Of It!

Facial hair is something we all have to deal with, it has bothered us all at some point or the other, the extent of bother might differ, but bother it does. So today lets discuss facial hair and all the facial hair removal techniques that I have experimented with.

Facial hair is specially important to discuss and take care of because there is no hiding it. There have been times that I have worn full sleeves or skipped wearing a skirt due to a missed or delayed parlour appointment, however with facial hair there is just no hiding. I have tried to fool myself into believing that people wont notice, but trust me they do, every little hair on the face is visible – really really visible.

So lets get straight into it.


Great for eyebrows, upperlip, chin and smaller areas. I would not recommend this for the entire face because it is painful, time consuming and will often leave you with thread burns and tiny cuts, if the technician is not skilled enough.


Perfect for those with fine hair and fair skin. Want to know why I feel so? Watch the video. It is a harsh process and might want to consider what the skin goes through, though no side effects have been documented.


Waxing is very dependent on the skill of the person pulling, the wax and the overall hygiene. It also depends on how sensitive your skin is. Want to know my face waxing story? Watch the video :)


Never NEVER ever use it on the face, unless you want to suffer the consequences I suffered. watch the video :)


My best bet for facial hair removal, with long term permanent effects, but you do need to me patient and consistent with it.

Facial Hair Removal Methods

I hope this post on facial hair was helpful. If you have any questions about facial hair removal do leave them in the comments below and I will try and answer them.

Also, please share your method with me, tell me about your facial hair woes and about your preferred method.



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