Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt + Other FAQ’s

Does Lase Hair Removal Hurt?? How Much??

That and other Laser Hair Removal FAQ’s in this video :)

Ok so in my last video, I told you about my experiments with facial hair removal and how I have finally given up my experiments and decided to settle down with using laser hair removal for my face.

I have been doing Laser for about a year now and can safely and confidently say that it has done tremendous good to the tropical rain forest I once had on my face. It is funny how I would oil the hair on my head, do hair spa’s, use hair packs and even eat terrible tasting things to have it grow thick and luscious, but unfortunately all the effort only seemed to be benefiting the hair on my face and not on my head..sigh!!

Having to go to a parlour almost every other day or then dealing with the insecurities that come with having an unkempt hairy day, was getting just too overwhelming.

So I finally tried Laser hair removal and never looked back.

In this video I try and answer all the FAQ’s about Laser Hair Removal.

does laser hair removal hurt

How much does laser hair removal cost?

How many sittings does it take?

How much time does each sitting take?

How much does it hurt and much more.

I say this in the video and I will say this again

Laser hair removal required you to be consistent and patient with it.

Laser Hair removal does not permanently get rid of the hair, definitely not in one sitting. It will make the hair grow out slower, sparser and much finer with each sitting. There was a time when if you would be talking to me, all you would notice would be the hair on my upper lip or chin, now the hair that does come out is so sparse and fine that on most occasions you would not notice it much. Plus I dont have to keep running to the parlour every other day..yay!! feels like freedom to me

If you have any further questions about Laser Hair Removal please feel free to get in touch.


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