Dhoti Pants : Priyanka Chopra Inspired

The Dhoti Pants Have Arrived

I have been going on and on about dhoti pants in the last few posts and I have finally got my hands on a few different drapes of the dhoti pant, so trust me you will be seeing a LOT of dhoti pant posts on the blog soon. I saw Priyanka Chopra in a black dhoti pant during one of her Mary Kom promotions and that finally got me off the shopping portals on to finally styling the dhoti pants I had in my wardrobe.

Priyanks Chopra dhoti pants


I really love how dhoti pants are a perfect combination of comfort while still looking trendy and edgy. Dhoti’s have been a part of our tradition for so long and I am so glad designers have introduced the traditional garment in a new and convenient avatar. Finally the dhoti is getting its due.

womens Dhoti Pants

womens Dhoti Pants

As for the week that just went by, it was a tough week for me. A lot of unforeseen events descended into my life, giving everything a shake and tossing all kinds of schedules and plans out the window and into the mucky rains. The toughest though was having to helplessly watch my son as he battled a terrible viral. I am telling you,  the toughest part about being a mother is having to watch your children suffer. It hurts more than anything can and I constantly find myself wishing all their pain on to myself so that I can just see a smile on their faces.

womens Dhoti Pants

But that is just how things are, its a part of the process, the learning process, they build their immunity while I try to build mine. As they grow older things do get better, they fall ill less and they become strong enough to deal with things but do things ever get easier for the mother? I think not, my mother still calls me asking me if I have taken my medicines when I am sick..I am starting to understand her so much better now.

womens Dhoti Pants

With my first born I would worry and cry over every sneeze and every missed poop session, I am much better with my second but it really is a tough thing. When you become a mother, you remain a mother first for the rest of your life, no matter what the children always come before everything else. As a naive young woman I used to think that the toughest part about being a mother would be the pregnancy or the delivery and the physical pain that comes along with it. Now I know better, those are the easiest parts!

womens Dhoti Pants

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the dhoti pants and are all set to give the latest fashion trend a try.

Dhoti Pants : Jabong 

Shirt : Stitched

Heels : Zara


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