Dhoti Pants : The Fashion Trend For 2014

So obviously my love for Dhoti Pants is no where near dwindling, in fact it only seems to be growing leaps and bounds. The latest addition to my Dhoti Pant collection is this fun kettle print one.

Dhoti Pants

My obsession for these fun funky pants aside, lets just be honest for a bit here..although I totally enjoyed going edgy with the dhoti pants, I am still trying to muster the courage to wear it, styled like this.

Like one of my lovely readers pointed out in the last post, that dhoti’s can sometimes  make us look hip heavy and so is the case with this one. The stiff cotton fabric has a poufy effect around the hips and makes me feel super conscious. Also I do not want to become the butt of my husbands fashion jokes yet again!..so I would go a little safe when styling these the next time around maybe with a longer kurta, like this..

Dhoti Pants

But as of now, I am so enjoying this crazy edgy look..thank God my husband does not read the blog..hehe

Dhoti Pants

I do give this fashion trend a big thumbs up but the question here is

How to pick and wear the right dhoti pants?

Maybe a few of these pointers will help, so here goes..

Dhoti Pants

My top Dhoti Pant tips

The Fabric : Pick fabrics that flow. Steer clear of stiff and thick fabrics.

The silhouette : The Pants should have drapes and cowls at the right places, to give it dhoti like feel without making the hips look wider.

Dhoti Pants

The Pairing : This being the most important bit, even if you do go wrong with the above two points and pick a not so flattering pair-o-pants the right pairing can still make it look all pretty. Go for a strategic top length that will skim and flow over the problem areas, smoothing out any rough edges and creating a perfect persona, or an illusion there of.

Dhoti Pants

In case you are wondering about the green kurta images..these are from a post I did for thesocietyco.com go see the entire post :)

Ok, so you have seen a few versions and pairings of the dhoti pants on the blog…

so do tell me yay or nay for the dhoti pant??


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