Navratri Chanderi Sari Special

Navratri – Or the nine nights of the Goddess, mean different things to different people. I sat back to think about what the festival means to me and the result was a whirlpool of mixed emotions and feelings.

Chanderi Sari Indian Fashion Blog

I knew nothing about the festival till I got married, since it was not something that we celebrated in my maternal home, in fact I would not even know when the nine days would start and end. Then I got married and realized that it was the most important festival in my new Gujarati home. It is celebrated with so much love and devotion in my home that part of me felt joy while a part of me struggled to make sense and feel attached.

Chanderi Sari Indian Fashion Blog

I guess when we get married we start a new life, however we bring a lot of baggage in the form of our ego, pride and our beliefs. There were times when deep inside I knew my thinking was wrong, but I stubbornly wanted to hold on, just because I did not want to change.

Over the years I have realized that letting my ego do the thinking for me, really does not end up benefiting me at all. I now enjoy Navratri like it has been a part of my life for ever, it has become a part of my life, a time for inner reflection, a time for looking back, a time for family customs and keeping our heritage alive, a time for reaching out for the Goddess within and a time for recognizing the Goddess in each and every one of us.

Chanderi Sari Indian Fashion Blog

These nine nights is when the creative forces of the Goddess is most accessible to us, we just need to seek and they are granted. The first three nights are those of Goddess Durga, the next three Goddess Laxmi and the last three Goddess Saraswati.

We at LookingGoodFeelingFab, wish you a very very happy Navratri, may the Goddess be with you and your family, protecting, providing and nurturing.

Chanderi Sari Indian Fashion Blog

May the nine days become the start of a positive new change in each of our lives..

May there be joy and festivity everywhere..

Chanderi Sari Indian Fashion Blog

The Red Chanderi Sari : Indian Ethnic and Festive Fashion

These pictures and this post just feels positive to me, something about it that I cannot comprehend.

This red Chanderi sari is what my dreams have been made of for years, I finally found it. There is something so special and regal about Chanderi, the colours, the weave the intricate patterns..everything about it makes me want to fill my wardrobe with it.

Chanderi Sari Indian Fashion Blog

The festive season was the perfect excuse to debut my special Chanderi sari. I am not one to run after tailors for matching blouses, instead I look for interesting and fun alternatives to the sari blouse. I found the perfect match for my Chanderi sari in this perfectly tailored gold jacket from Blueprint Coleccion. The jacket is versatility personified, I am dreaming up concoctions with this gold jacket for the festive Indian winter.

Happy festivities you guys..


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