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Ahmedabad Shopping Stories..

Shopping in Ahmedabad is always a delight and my already long list of shopping haunts in Ahmedabad just jot a jolt of spice fun and excitement this time around, with the addition of Young Trukk. last If you are always on the look out for chic trendy fashionable clothes.. If you are a lover of fashion and value a well fitted dress more than anything else.. If your wardrobe undergoes a mini makeover with every fashion season.. And if you dont want to take a bank loan each time that happens..

Then Young Trukk, Ahmedabad is the place you need to be and Noopur is the person to have on your speed dial..

On my last trip to Ahmedabad visiting Young Trukk and meeting Noopur was top most on my list. It is a charming little store tucked away in a cozy corner of Ahmedabad. It exudes a ton of personality, that is palpable from a distance and entering it is like entering any fashion lovers haven. Bright beautiful walls, stunning mirrors and custom made furniture dot the store, there are racks and racks of gorgeous apparel and glittering accessories. And then you see Noopur diligently working on her designs, impeccably dressed, a vision of perfection. She is warm and welcoming apart from being drop dead gorgeous, she can seriously give any model a run for her money.

Ahmedabad shopping

I spent a delightful afternoon at her store, trying on her creations and chatting away with her. Thank God she believes in affordable chic fashion, else by the end of the day I would have done some serious damage. In the coming weeks you will see a ton of outfits featuring all the gorgeous things I bought from Noopur’s store, but meanwhile, here is an excerpt of our fun meeting, yes I would not leave an opportunity to interview her…here it is..

You studied at NIFT Mumbai, and then worked with renowned designers. How was the Mumbai experience and was it tough moving back to Ahmedabad?

I studied at NIFT Mumbai, and then worked with designers Digvijay Singh , Ashish Soni and Rocky S. Mumbai was the best time of my life, there was so much to explore , the fashion industry blew my mind. Moving back here was not really tough but yes it did take a while for me to find my resources and hire a good team for my production unit.

Ahmedabad shopping
Did you always want to have your own store? Were you nervous, unsure and doubtful about the new venture? How did you overcome this fear and nervousness?
Yes I always wanted to own a store. I was not really nervous as I had already been freelancing for a year which helped me make my base strong with the customers and the masters and tailors here. It was actually a really a fun process.
What has been your most fulfilling design project?
My most fulfilling design project was with designer Ashish Soni. The entire line was selected and went for production in 2010 and had a very good response.
You are a super creative person, you design apparel, interiors and even paint, what gives you most joy?
I enjoy almost everything in this field. But I love designing clothess the most, as the entire process is very artistic. Making a collection involves inspirations, painting color boards and mood boards, sketching illustrations and researching fabrics.It brings together the best of art and design, the end result is very satisfying too.
Your designs are extremely chic and trendy while also being very affordable, was that a conscious decision. When every other designer charges thousands for a tiny crop top, what makes you keep it real and honest?
I have always wanted to go for a price range that is not too high or too low. There already are plenty of designers who do that. The idea was to cater to the market that loves to get designer quality products without having to spend a fortune. Most of us do not like to repeat one dress 20 times, right?? Then why spend so much on it?
Ahmedabad shopping
Altough you are a designer, you do have the body of a supermodel, what is the secret? Workouts or Clean eating or both..tell us all
Haha. Well, that comes partly from fantastic genes and partly from yoga.
Beauty products you swear by..
Olay moisturizer, lakme CC cream, MAC studio fix compact, lakme kajal, MAC viva glam lipstick, it goes with anything and everything.
Designers you respect and feel inspired by..
That’s a tough one, as I don’t have any one favorite designer. There are many that I like and feel inspired by.
People you would like to design for..
Kareena Kapoor  and Sonam Kapoor
 A few trends for the festive season..
Mint color is going to be seen a lot this festive season paired with tones of bright pink. Silhouettes are going to be less flowly and more structured. High lows are going to be replaced with straight hems again. Anarkali’s seem to have gone out completely and have been replaced with palazzos and Lanchas.

 If you are in Ahmedabad, you must visit Young Trukk

A-13 Rameshwar Row House, Opp Devashish Business Park, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054
And if you are curious, the skirt I am wearing has been seen here before :)


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