Wearing Culottes & Learning To Say No

No no I am not saying no to culottes.

Infact, I am learning how to wear culottes and also learning how to say NO.

Culottes Indian fashion blog

I genuinely have a problem saying NO, whenever the need arises, I become awkward, unwieldy and I find myself desperately wishing to disappear.

My mind is going “say no, say no, come on say no”

What comes out of my mouth is a measly ” Ok, I will try, not sure, but I will try”

My mind goes “Nooooooooooooooooo, not again, nooo, you idiot”

Culottes Indian fashion blog

This inability has got me into trouble, before, but I chose to ignore the issue.” ignorance is bliss” they say, but only till it comes back to haunt you again. Come back it did and this time with catastrophic effects, it made me sit back, take note, assess the damage and bring about changes to ensure I never let this happen again.

It strained a friendship, created a rift and took away, from me, a relationship so close to my heart. The intentions were always good, I wanted to help and I thought somehow by some stroke of genius I would manage to squeeze this in too. I said yes based on a prayer and hope that I would suddenly acquire ninja abilities or better yet, Aladdin’s lamp. Obviously neither happened – I over promised and under delivered.

Culottes Indian fashion blog

We met yesterday, after seven months, with a warm hug over ginger tea and caught up, as though nothing had happened. Thank God we could both look beyond a petty misunderstanding.

Culottes Indian fashion blog

Anyway, I am now slowly but surely learning the fine art of saying NO, gracefully. One strategy that always works is to say “could you please give me some time to access my schedule. I really want to do this, let me see if I can fit it in. I will get back soon.”

It gives me time to realistically think things through and lets the other person know that I care.

Culottes Indian fashion blog

Saying ‘no’ isn’t easy, but sometimes it is better that saying a hasty ‘yes’

Ok now on to the fashion, yeah I know, I call my blog a fashion blog and then I keep ranting about all things other than fashion.

Thanks to blogging, I am trying out new, fun trends and this time its the culotte. Some where between pants and shorts is where culottes lie and that’s where I have found my comfort zone.

Culottes Indian fashion blog

The process of putting this look together was really difficult, not because I could not decide what to pair the culotte with but because there were so many options : I was totally spoilt for choice.

A Culotte is such a versatile piece, perfect for work or play.

Culottes : Westside Sale

Top : Shopnineteen.com

Heels : Mango


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