Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

Ways to save money :  always on the look out for these and shopping online : who doesn’t love shopping?

Perfect combination for a fun post, but before we get into it…

Hello hello, I am back and I promise to not go anywhere for a while now. I apologize for being away for the last few days, if you follow me on instagram you know I was attending the Lakme Fashion Week and then taking a few days of much needed vacation.

ways to save money when shopping online

My 3 ways to save money when shopping online.

1. Hedge your online shopping risks

Decide which are the safe online shopping items and which are the risky ones. Steer clear of the risky ones unless its something spectacular that ends up giving you sleep less nights. Even then only take a calculated risk, order risky items from portals that are reputed and have a fantastic and hassle free return policy. From experience, I can say that buying pants and shoes online has had a proven track record of failure for me.

ways to save money when shopping online

2. Timing is everything

Unlike the mall sales that happen two times a year, online stores are far far more generous. If you can just be a little patient and control those itchy fingers from instantly hitting the buy button, you will be surprised at how much money you can save. There are online sales happening all the time, festivals, celebrations, random one hour sales, week day sales, mothers day, fathers day, every day sales. You might miss a thing or two waiting for a sale but trust me, the pain of buying something at full price only to see it going at half the price a few hours later, is like no other pain. Having experienced the pain first hand, I would not want anyone to go through it, least of all you.

ways to save money when shopping online

3. Find that Coupon code

Every and I mean EVERY site has a coupon code box on the check out page. As a strict rule, never leave it blank. Search and search till you find a coupon code for whatever site you are looking for. For the longest time, I never filled this box and I still have nightmares about it, imagine how much money I could have saved and how much more stuff I could have bought if only I had known about sites like cuponation which could give you coupons to slash your costs by huge margins.

ways to save money when shopping online

Take this pencil skirt for example, I had my heart set on it from the moment I saw it on fashionanadyou. It had a resonable price tag attached, to start with and so blinded was I by my love that I was willing to pay the full price. Thank God, better sense prevailed and I happened to find this Fashionandyou cuponation code which saved me a ton of money and the skirt came practically free of cost..haha!!

ways to save money when shopping online

The entire outfit has been shopped for, keeping the above ‘3 ways to save money when shopping online‘ in mind. The entire outfit cost me less than Rs 1800 (bag not included)

Skirt : fashionandyou.com

Waterfall Jacket : koovs.com 

Shoes : Catwalk

Bag :Dior

Ok, now your turn, tell me of your ‘risky online purchases’ and about your money saving tips.


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