Red Lips & Sport Luxe Trend

Red lips and sporty fashion sound like unlikely partners right?? I know!

The moment I hear sporty I think sneakers, track pants, gym shorts and sweaty pits, ughhh, throw bright red lips in the mix and the picture turns more ghastly. Lol.

But we are talking sporty LUXE here, sports wear has recently been given a very luxurious makeover and it is looking slicker and more appealing than ever. Done right sporty luxe could be the answer to all our prayers, looking chic and trendy can now be super comfortable too. You could ditch the high heels for some funky neon sneakers, those pleather leggings (that cause a rash) for tuxedo tracks or the hair extensions for a baseball hat. Dont go overboard though, I would recommend ditching only one of these things at a time. Here are perfect sporty luxe combinations..

Track pants + heels

Baseball cap + skinny jeans + heels

Pencil skirt or bodycon dress + sneakers, you get the picture right?.

Red Lips Lime Crime Red Lipstick

Ok now lets come to the red lips.

I have always been a nude lips kind of girl, I never like how colours look on me. Lipsticks in all their yummy coloured hues look stunning on everyone else, actresses, models, bloggers..hell!! even my neighbours. How can Sonam Kapoor (apparently) wear the same damn Loreal lipstick and look drop dead gorgeous and when I wear just looks meeehhh or ughhh!! Does anyone else have the same problem?? Or is it just me??

Red Lips Lime Crime Lipstick

I have been looking for that one lipstick all my life – one that would make me feel confident, beautiful and on top of the world (yes a great lipstick can have that effect..Seriously!!)

On one lucky Thursday when the stars and planets were all aligned in my favour I was led to a youtube video in which the beauty guru was wearing this red lipstick. Love at first sight, I have no idea what the video was about, I was just staring at her lips. Even before the video ended I was looking everywhere for the red lipstick.

Red Lips Lime Crime Lipstick

I had to wait a long time while the red lipstick made its way from the US, but so worth the wait. It turned out to be everything I expected and more, makes me feel lovely when I wear it. I do think this is a great red lipstick for Indian skin tones. I truly am obsessed and hooked on to this red lipstick.

Red Lips Lime Crime Red Lipstick

Drumroll please……..the red lipstick I am wearing and have been blabbering about is the lime crime red lipstick :) It is the most stunning red lipstick ever, I think even better than the Ruby Woo ;)

Red Lips Lime Crime Red Lipstick

So if you get an opportunity to get your hands on this lime crime red lipstick…dont think, dont wait, just do it :)

Pants :

Heels : Dior

Watch : Michael Kors

Necklace : Miss Flurrty 

Red Lipstick : Lime Crime :)


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