How To Wear Leggings

How to wear legging?

Duhhh thats simple..leggings are available every where, buy them, put one leg in, put the other leg in and that’s it. But how to wear leggings so that they flatter and flaunt..well..hmmm..thats a whole different question.

Leggings have made their presence felt in every wardrobe in every season, from a lazy girls SOS piece they have now transformed into a fashion essential and have crept into every girls wardrobe in some form or the other. Leggings can look smart and sophisticated when done right but at the same time can look horrendous and tacky when done wrong

Wearing leggings can sometimes be a little tricky, trust me I have made many mistakes when it comes to leggings, looking back those mistakes make me cringe and cry.

How To Wear Leggings : OOTD

Here are a few tips on wearing, styling and pairing leggings in a chic manner.

Unlike denims that suck you in and lift the derriere up, leggings especially the thin ones do just the opposite. They will expose every flaw and every sack of cellulite. So choose the fabric well and choose darker colors to avoid indecent exposure.

How To Wear Leggings : OOTD

The length of the leggings is very important too, those 3/4 the leggings do no one any favours, they cut you into half and make you look short and stout. Choose full length leggings that hit just above the ankle and marvel at how they lengthen and elongate your legs. Also, be ware of leggings that are too long, you don’t want miles of the fabric bunching up at the ankle, remember these are leggings and not churidars. Fold them in or be ruthless and chop them off.

How To Wear Leggings : OOTD

What you pair the leggings with is of equal importance. Make sure whatever you choose to wear on top is long enough to cover to go past the buttocks. No one wants to see those panty lines, camel toes or dimples. The front also should ideally be long enough to cover what needs to be covered. That does not mean you need to pair leggings with boring kurtis or kurtas, the high low hemline is perfect to cover all the bases while looking chic and trendy.

How To Wear Leggings : OOTD

Coming to the outfit, I love everything about it, the black and white graphic leggings take center stage while the mustard yellow top plays the perfect partner. The tribal leggings are something I am wearing a lot lately, mostly casually to run errands, watch movies (kick..seen it twice, hehe) and lounge around. trying to give it a more dressy spin was a bit of a challenge because sometimes you get so used to wearing things a certain way that it becomes difficult to think beyond it. However, I tried and this is what I came up with..slightly edgy more fun and very interesting.
How To Wear Leggings : OOTD


How To Wear Leggings : OOTD

A trend that I totally love and have embraced with open arms and a very open heart is the asymmetrical high low hemline. The top has lace detail at the top and the high low hemline at the bottom, whats not to love.


The outfit would be perfect for a dinner date or a night of clubbing :)

Now its your turn, tell me how you wear your leggings. Was this post on how to wear your leggings helpful at all? Have you seen women around making these mistakes?

Leggings : Pune Street find (Rs 200)

Top : (similar)

Heels :

Clutch : Mom’s

Ear rings : Blur accessories




  • NS says:

    I so badly want tribal print leggings. Love the color combination of mustard, black and white. Great backdrop and lovely shoes!

  • sugandha says:

    Love love love those look fabulous as always Abhi!

  • Sharmila says:

    hi, ths is the first time I am writing to you. I accidentally stumbled upon your blog 2 days back.. and I am hooked!!! Incredible! I never have liked an indian fashion blog so much. You have a super sense of style ! Most important , U don’t bare much , no skin show. Just pure style and elegance. Your saree section is awesome. I have picked up many ideas from there and will try them soon.
    Would like to see more workwear ideas ,since I need them constantly!
    Hope to keep this connection alive!

    • I am so so glad pleasant accidents sometimes happen. I am so grateful for your comment..sometimes I start to doubt myself..wondering if I need to experiment more or change my style to catch up with the so many gorgeous bloggers around…You make me feel confident in my style and in what I am doing. Will do more work wear for sure..
      Thank you and I hope to c u around more often :)

  • I always want to wear leggings but I am still doubtful if I could wear it the right way. And these tips of yours just saved me. Thanks for sharing, now I can freely buy leggings without worrying. Btw, I’m loving your tribal printed leggings.

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