Global Desi Autumn Winter 2014

This is such an exciting time in Indian fashion, there is a new breed of Indian designers that have a mind of their own – no they do not ape the west infact they embrace India with all their heart , mind and creativity. These are designs that have a contemporary appearance but an Indian soul. These are intelligent designers that design for contemporary Indians but celebrate India through the fabrics used, the bold colours synonymous with India and all its quirkiness.

There are a lot of designers that are playfully teasing Indian fashion and giving it an edgy twist but each one is doing it in his own creative way, which is so fun to observe and admire for someone like me. Often these designs are hard to access or too expensive but one such brand that bridges this gap is Global Desi. There playful, proudly Indian and quirky separates are so versatile and fun to wear and pair. Their presence in all the major cities makes them easy to access and so convenient.

Here is a sneak peak at their new Autumn Winter 2014 collection..titled “MiMaMo”

Global Desi Autumn Winter 2014

Meera Dress Rs 2199 and Calli jacket Rs 2599

The collection celebrates  Global Desi’s bohemian spirit and takes it a notch higher with bold prints and vibrant hues. It celebrates the ancient art of Madhubani fused with kaleidoscopic elements of mosaic. This boho-chic collection highlights the innate beauty of Indian heritage and the vibrancy of medieval art. Mithila, Madhubani and Mosaic are the three main inspirations behind the MiMaMo collection making it a sartorial marriage of tradition and global fashion, a seamless mélange of contemporary styles with a unique Indian stamp.

Global Desi Autumn Winter 2014


Global Desi Autumn Winter 2014

Chandraki Dress Rs 1699 and Vani cardigan Rs 2199

You will find a stylish array of contemporary silhouettes like midi skirts, jumpsuits, long slit dresses, tunics, pallazo pants, shirt dresses, flowy skirts, navel grazing jackets, gaucho pants etc.


Global Desi Autumn Winter 2014

Faye Dress Rs 2099


Global Desi Autumn Winter 2014

Annisa shirt Rs 1399, Arti crop top Rs 1499, Dishi pants Rs 1799

I hope you enjoyed the tiny glimpse of the Global Desi Autumn Winter Collection 2014

Get set play..



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