Casino Dressing

A few days back I was invited for a casino theme party, and the invite honestly left me totally stumped. I have attended many Bollywood theme parties and the usual Hawaii theme or even 70′s, 80′s theme parties but a casino theme was new for me. After a little research I realized just how fun and versatile dressing for a casino can be, you could go casual chic or even over the top glamorous Hollywood.

Here is a lowdown of what appropriate casino dressing could include

A night of gambling

Amazingly some women visit the casino primarily to play slot machines, or table favourites like baccarat or blackjack, and not to leave everyone awestruck by their outfit. If that is why you are going then the two words that should inform your choice are ‘smart casual.’ This is what most casinos, except the really big ones expect, and a trouser suit or mid-length skirt, jacket and blouse will certainly fit the bill. You could even wear jeans with a blouse, as long as they are chic and not scruffy looking.

casino dressing

A night of partying

If you have booked the bar for a celebratory party with your friends, family or a partner, then you could get away with smart casual – but you will probably want to glam up a bit more. Some women opt for cocktail dresses, but others think it makes them look like part of the bar staff – while a full-length gown is way too formal for most. The LBD (little black dress) and subtle accessorising with jewellery is a look that falls between the two and will be perfect for this kind of night.

casino dressing LBD

A themed casino party

These have really gained in popularity, and obviously they give you a framework for deciding what to wear. One popular fancy dress theme is classic Hollywood gangster, and here you should think of the gangsters molls played by tinseltown actresses in the 1930s and 40s. You can get away with the kind of outrageous dresses, and fur and jewellery accessories here that you would never be able to at other times.

hollywood casino dressing



A night at a top casino

If the casino you are visiting is one of the really big ones, you might want to wear a full-length gown. This would be most appropriate if the casino is in London or Monte Carlo though, as Las Vegas and Goa get far too hot for that kind of an outfit to be suitable. If you are unable to make it to a casino then remember that alternately you can stay indoors and play the most popular online casino games at Gaming Club online casino. Where you will still find your favourite games such as roulette and slot machines, but the only difference is that what you are wearing will be the last thing on your mind.

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