Sabyasachi : The God Of Indian Fashion

Sabyasachi is a name that is deemed to go down the in history of Indian fashion.

Needless to say I love the man and every piece of his work with all my heart – nothing new though, I have proclaimed my love for Sabyasachi on many occassions (here & here).

I do not often put up pictures of  fashion runways and fashion shows because there are plenty of sites doing that so well, no point me adding to the gorgeous clutter. But then I thought “I must document this gorgeousness, if not for anyone else then for my daughter and for you”. Years later she might look at my archive, smirk at her vintage mothers vintage take on fashion and admire and take inspiration from Sabyasachi’s flawless take of eternal Indian fashion and beauty.

Sabyasachi to me is like comfort food, your mothers cooking filled with love, care, always feels good, its something you want to come back to again and again. Same with Sabyasachi, you experiment with all the funkiness of the fashion world but the heart always wants to come back to the comfort of eternal elegant Indian attire which Sabyasachi symbolizes.

Year after year Sabyasachi sticks to his core the basics, muted earthy deep hues, attention to detail, a vintage vibe, fuss free hair and makeup, delicate embroidery…..and yet I never tire of lusting over the opulence of his designs. There is something so enigmatic about Sabyasachi’s work that we want more and more and more.

My new favourite colour combinations are black and ivory…you can see why..

I am also dying to get some plain black and white crop tops to use as Sabya inspired cholies…eternal elegance meets fashions favourite trend the ‘crop’.



And how nice did Rani Mukerjee look at the show?? Ok I need a plain black blouse now!!



The men were not left behind, they were handsome and gorgeous in floral bandgalas. Loved Sabyasachi’s take on mens fashion and the new alpha male…but I seriously cannot imagine my husband or any of the men I know carrying this off..I for one would love to have one of those jackets.


Are you a Sabyasachi fan? What did you think of Sabyasachi’s 2014 collection?

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