Positive Thinking Helped Me Find These Zara Pants..Really!!

“Whats Positive thinking gotta do with printed Zara pants?”, do I hear you say?? I promise it all links in. Really!!

The husband is a big cricket fan, esp. test cricket, “its real cricket” he says. “its all white” I say. “It’s a test of skill, endurance and technique” he says. “Don’t waste my Sunday” I say. No matter how hard I try cricket is all I got to see over the weekend.

So while these guys are running around doing their thing I am doing what I love most, some precious time to catch up on gorgeous blogs from around the world. But I can hear the chatter from the television I can hear the commentary and suddenly I start to pay attention to what is being said, it makes so much sense, sports psychology is so similar to the psychology of life.


They said “Don’t be nervous, don’t worry” is the worst thing to say to a new batsman. What you would rather say is “ Be confident, I have confidence in you, you will do amazing”.

Tell them how you would want them to behave rather than how they should not behave. By focusing on what you do not want happening, you give it more attention and more love, making it the most likely thing to happen.


Positive thinking: such a simple thing to understand, but so hard to put into practice. I often find myself telling my daughter “don’t cry” “if you put that into your mouth I will…” “you never listen to me” all negative, all focusing on what I do not want her to do. Needless to say what follows is never positive, more crying, more tantrums and more of what I do not want.

Printed Pants Pairing

I might lack in the parenting department but I more than make up for it in the shopping department. Come sale season and the positive thinking and affirmations automatically take over. I can hear the chatter in my head and its all positive “I am going to be organized, I am going to bag some great deals and some awesome fashion finds..I cannot wait”. The environment starts working in my favor and I usually do find some fun bargain that I love wearing.



Take these Zara pants for example, it took a lot of searching and looking and patience but I found them, love at first sight, I had to have them and at a price tag of Rs990, it was a no brainer.


So I know it works, I just have to work hard at making positive thinking a part of every sphere of my life.

Printed Pants Pairing

Try eliminating all negative words like no, not, don’t from your vocabulary and see the magic of positive thinking happen.


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