Happy Birthday LGFF & A SpecialGiveaway

Ok lets sing together..Happy birthday to you..happy birthday dear Looking Good Feeling Fab. Yes this week we have completed 2 years of blogging and are we ready to party or what!!

Let me start by sharing the 5 things blogging has taught me

1. Staring at the real time pageviews on google analytics does not increase traffic.

No, unfortunately it does not, trust me. Cumulatively, I must have spend a few months of the past 2 years staring at google analytics dreaming of a sudden spike in the otherwise plateaued graph, but no that kind of passive visualization does not really bring in the traffic.

what I learnt from blogging

2. Blogging is not glamorous.

Yeah I know when you add the word fashion to anything at all it suddenly starts to look all glam and glitz – fashion model, fashion movie, fashion magazine, fashion show..you get the picture. Fashion blogging  - here is what it involves – think of concepts, content, put looks together, beg someone to take your pictures, analyze the pictures (ughhh, lipstick on teeth), beg the person to take some more pictures..grovel some more..edit pictures, type out the content, SEO optimize, publish, share on all the social sites, create videos, edit.. do the same cycle again, answer mails, delete a ton of press releases that flood your inbox…and sooooo much more..

what I learnt from blogging

3. Persistence and consistency is the key but gratitude is most important.

Nothing concrete can be achieved in life overnight and consistent effort towards a goal is the key to success. What is also important is celebrating, appreciating and paying gratitude for the smaller achievements along the way. There were days when I would fret and agonize over 5x page-views a day, I wanted more, much more, 100x, 1000x. I was so obsessively and unhappily focused on the 1000x goal, that I forgot to say thank you for the long way I had come from ‘zero’.It is so important to celebrate the small victories while working towards bigger goals.

“If the only prayer you ever say is thank you, that will be enough”. (Meister Eckhart)

what I learnt from blogging


4. Make your passion your profession.

No one who has acheived great things did so in a field that they were not passionate about. Coco Chanel was passionate about chic dressing, Milkha Singh about sport and Oprah is passionate about inspiring people. People who do great things live breathe and sleep their passion and their profession. That is the biggest secret to success.

what I learnt from blogging

5. It is all about genuine human connections.

At the end of the 2 years the biggest lesson I have learnt is that genuine warm selfless bonds of friendship are the most fulfilling gifts I have received. It also makes me realize how much I missed these before  started blogging. Contrary to popular belief such friendships can be formed over the internet, which is such a great, open and accepting place, an opportunity to connect across the seas and mountains. The few things that I have acheived and the things I am most proud of have all happened through the kind and considerate people I have bonded with. I am not talking about ‘networking’ here, which to me is a very selfish kind of interaction, I am referring to something so much more genuine.

Think about “what can I do for this person” before you think of ” what can he do for me”, the returns will automatically come knocking on the door without you even having to ask.

Now this brings me to the Giveaway…no celebration without a giveaway right?

fashion styling giveaway

So, like I said I cherish genuine interactions more than anything else in the world…and that is exactly what I am giving away.

1 hour with me, over skype, over the phone or a physical date over coffee (if you are in Pune).

What will we do? Whatever you choose…

Styling consultation or

Personal shopping or

Talking about life or

Spirituality or Blogging

Here is all you have to do, leave me a comment, follow me on twitter and retweet the message. The Rafflecopter below makes it all easy..

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Anything else you think I could help you out with. (This giveaway is only for the ladies ;)

This entire week we will be hosting many giveaways, so come back for more, I am sure there will be one that interests you.

Thank you for being a part of my blogging journey and for all your love for Looking Good Feeling Fab.


  • S Lakshmi says:

    I am Good Friend Listener. I love to talk about Beauty, fashion etc. You will Enjoy the my company. So We will Have a coffee Together

  • Abhiruchi says:

    Sounds fun Abhilasha :) :) and a very very happy birthday to LGFF..stay blessed

  • Megha Sarin says:

    That is a great post <3

    love your blog

    kisses from Megha

  • Happy Birthday LGFF! Thank you for writing such honest posts. So many bloggers make blogging look so glamorous and extravagant. Really enjoy the real, honest, and kind place you have created on you blog. Thank you and wish you all the best with the LGFF journey :)

  • Anjali says:

    I love copying styles from you.. & also to know what suits me better.. Love your take on each item & how to wear it different or just look at it in a different way..

    Happy Bday LGFF.. Thanks to you as well.. :)

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