Colour Blocking : A Fashion Trend I Love

Its grey, cloudy, dark and rainy so I took it upon myself to brighten up the day with my absolute favourite trend, ever! – colour blocking. Before I started blogging, my wardrobe consisted mainly of black, white and an occasional navy, red or chambary. So when the colour blocking trend enveloped the fashion scene, I decided it was time to learn how to colour block like a pro, play with the all the hues of the rainbow and let the colours create some magic.

And magic they do, there is a little burst of unique glittery pixie dust that each colour comes with. Take yellow for example, the colour of sunlight and this dress. My absolute favourite colour, lifts my mood instantly, brings a little golden light into my life and always brings a smile on my face.


It also happens to be a colour that lends itself extremely well for colour blocking – Navy blue, ink blue, red, pink and virtually every other colour that we can think of.

Science says that the yellow wavelength is relatively long and essentially stimulating making it the strongest colour psychologically. Science of fashion here we come.


Some rules to adhere to or break (depending upon your relationship with colour) when thinking of colour blocking.

For me the easiest way to get colour blocking right is to pick a hue and stick to shades of the same hue from top to toe.


To make a bold statement and ensure all eyes are on you, pick one hue family and clash it with one bright colour from the opposite end of the spectrum. In this look there are shades of yellow (orange coral) the clashing colour in a contrasting hue is the blue.


I tried colour blocking before here and here, yes I never tire of the trend…but am I getting better with it? Riskier? Or just horrible? You tell me. Where do my colour blocking skills stand and what do you think about colour blocking? Tried it yet?

Yellow Dress : (here)

Heels :

Jacket :

Ring : Blur Accessories

Necklace : Splash Sale

Watch :Michael Kors


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