Best Sales : My Picks, Tips & Tricks

SALE season is hands down my favourite season of the year. It’s an adventure holiday and a relaxing spa vacation packed into one thrilling package and all this without needing a passport or even getting onto a plane.

I love sale season, its sheer madness, but there is a method to my sale madness, else things can quickly get out of hand. The thrill of a new purchase can soon lead to regrets and credit card debts. So before you hit the sales make sure you read this and make your list.


Best Sales : My Picks, Tips & Tricks

Do your research

Survey every nook and cranny of your wardrobe; take the time to do a little sale cleaning. Pull out all the stuff you intend to replace, stuff it all in a big bag, but don’t give it away yet. Look at the things you used and those that you did not. The purchases that lasted and those that did not. Things you enjoyed and cherished and those that you regretted.

Make a list

Now make a list of all the things you NEED.

Do the recce

Next to each item, list down the stores you usually buy those things from. Visit some online stores to see the collections online and make a mental not of items you covet.


Set an upper limit for each of those items and a total sale shopping budget too.

I know I know, sale shopping and lists don’t really go together, the whole thrill of a sale lies in finding treasures when you are not really looking for one. Use the list merely as a guideline and enjoy the detours of the sea of sales.


Detour decider

When deciding upon an item, not on the list, I ask myself

Is it worth the price?

Is the discount big enough (5% off does not cut it)?

Can I think of at least 5 occasions and pairings for the piece in question?

Does it fit well? Is it the right size?

Yes?? Then what are you waiting for? Head to the cash counter..

I also make it a point to not buy anything that is not on sale during sale season. Somehow, the fresh arrivals start to look exceedingly tempting when you cannot find that sale item in your size. But avoid.

Timing is everything

Some sales are worth faking that PTA meeting or doctor’s appointment for, these are sales you need to get to, first day first show. Right when the store opens is the right time to hit a big sale because everything is neatly arranged on shelves and labelled, within an hour almost everything is going to be on the floor, in the trail rooms and trailing from shopping bags being dragged on the floor.

Sale uniform

Sale shopping is not the time for experimenting with layers or for breaking into that new pair of high heels. Think comfort and speed. Wear a camisole so it’s easy to try things on, a dress also makes getting in and out of trial rooms quick and easy.

Sharpen your ninja skills

All those kung fu movies you have been watching, now is the time to put those ninja skills to good use. Practice a little nudge, a push here and a shove there, with a straight face and no sign of guilt. Now my friend you are well equipped and ready for the sale season…get set go..

Here are the sales I fake PTA’s and a lot of other things for..


Zara : Mostly buy shoes and bags, though this time I will be looking for pants and skirts too. (supposed to start 4th July 2014)

Westside Preview : Bed linen, home stuff and work out T shirts (Starting 3rd July 2014. 9 am)

Blur Accessories : Loads of accessories

Nike : Sports wear (supposed to start 4th July 2014)

Splash : Random finds, apparel (started)

Ritu Kumar : Looking forward to it this time since I am in the mood for Indian wear.

So this is my list of the best sales and my top sale shopping tips.

Am I missing any good sales? Let me know which sales are on your hit list this season.


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