Online Shopping India : My Picks

Thank God online shopping in India is getting better and better and more interesting by the day!

I share a love hate relationship with online shopping. I love it for its convenience and  easy access to the trendiest styles at great irresistible prices, discounts and deals. I hate it because the damage done only becomes evident much later when the beautiful COD packages start rolling in and its time to pay for them or when the credit card statement arrives and I make the tally.


The last month and a half has been really exciting, I made some gorgeous online purchases. Of course I had no idea just how much I had shopped, till I started getting everything together to create this video. Infact I still cannot believe that I bought so much stuff and that too just a few weeks ahead of the sale season.

But I did get some lovely things and I cannot wait to share them all with you.

You will find, purchases from and reviews of

So this video includes some of my absolute favourite and the best online shopping sites for apparel.

I hope you enjoy the video and all my purchases…don’t forget to subscribe




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