Best Designer Work Bags For Women 2014

Putting together a list of the ‘best designer work bags for women’ is one of the best tasks ever, hands down it is….

I have always been a big bag girl, because I carry my entire world in it. Recently though I have found myself leaning more and more towards medium sized structured bags. They look really classy, elegant and add that dose of “I mean business” to just about any look.

Now the thing about structured bags is that they need to be of really high quality, the material needs to be top class, so as to hold the structure and not collapse. While window shopping during the sale season, I came across some beautiful structured bags at Aldo Accessories and Zara, however not quite what I had in mind.

So while I wait for the universe to bring my perfect structured work bag to me I am going put together my list of 5 structured designer luxury work bags, to lust over and to dream of…because you cant stop a girl from dreaming (about bags and shoes)..can you?

  1. The Michael Kors Selma & Miranda: Unarguably the more popular bags of 2014. They have been seen on bloggers and celebs alike. They comes in a variety of colour and texture variations, which is why you never tire of seeing them around.bestdesignerbagswomen
  2. The Valentino Rockstud : If structure alone is not enough and with it you need some personality this bag does that with a bang. It’s a no nonsense kind of killer bag that makes just the right kind of statement.BestDesignerBags2014
  3. Louis Vuitton Capucines : Honestly, I am not a big fan of the in your face Louis Vuitton monogram handbags, I prefer the versions which are not so prominently monogrammed. This one is perfect isn’t it. It has the quality and craftsmanship that Louis Vuitton is synonymous with, paired with a design which is like a breath of fresh air. Taking its name from the rue des Capucines in Paris, where Louis Vuitton opened his first store in 1854, the bag retains its heritage while assuming a new modern avatar.                           BestDesignerBags2014
  4. Prada Saffiano : “I’ll have one in each colour please.” These gorgeous candy hued ladies deserve that kind of fanaticism. It deserves to be deemed the “little black dress” of bags. Its simplicity at its best, its allows the craftmanshim and quality to shine through. Requires no bold logos that scream “designer luxury and big dollars”. It says so much more without having to speak at all.BestDesignerBags2014
  5. Prada_
  6. Givenchy Antigona : What a beauty this one. I don’t have words to describe just how in love I am with this bag. Yes, I tend to save the best for last..always!!
  7. BestDesignerBags2014
  8. KhloeKardashianGivenchyAntigoniaBestDesignerBags2014

I hope you enjoyed my list of must lust structured designer bags for 2014.

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