Experiments With Meditation & A Westside Kurta

There are some things that we know are inherently good for us, like exercise, reading, meditation and so on. We are aware of the benefits that a consistent practice of any of these things can bring into our lives, their enriching effects have been spoken about for centuries – and yet we never get down to doing them.
Sometimes its laziness, sometimes lack of time, at times its the easier thing to do and yet there are times when our life is just not ready for the new introduction.
Take meditation for example, I have known about it for as long as I can remember, my Grandfather practiced it everyday, without fail, till the day he passed away. Often he would try and initiate me into the practice, I just could not get it and would look for the nearest escape route.
When I grew up, I often heard about meditation and its benefits from some very notable people who had achieved a lot in life. I still could not understand it, how sitting in a room eyes closed, could bring such profound changes in a person and his life.
Moreover I could not keep my eyes shut for even a minute.


Recently again, everything I read and every thing I researched, led me to meditation, every time. I thought I must try it this time – no excuses, no running away. Surprisingly, I understood it this time around, I understood how this seemingly simple ritual (but really very complex ritual) could help the brain do amazing things. I understood it, yes, but putting it into practice proved to be a whole different challenge.


I first time, I sat in an erect position, closed my eyes and tried to calm my mind, within a few minutes I was lying down and 5 minutes later I was fast asleep. Yes I fell asleep, me and my meditation experiments became the butt of ridicule and the favourite family joke.


But the second time was better, I did not fall off to sleep and I felt elevated at the end of it. Its been getting better and better ever since. I do have a long long way to go, there are so many different kinds of meditations, I am a little lost about where to start. I am on a quest now, I have a little taste of meditation ecstasy and I am thirsty for more.


If you meditate and have experimented with the various forms of meditation as a part of your spiritual journey, I would love to know more, maybe you could share your experience with me and help me accelerate towards my goals.
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  • Smiley says:

    you can learn it effortlessly through the art of living centres all over the world, i am 31 and i started meditation and sudarshan kriya after doing their part 1 course,when i was 29 years old, give it a try, u wont regret it, i was not particular to learn about meditation etc, but I was having a spiritual quest within me, and nature took me in the right direction, grace.

    Inner serenity became a part of me,touch wood :-) and what I noticed in this 2 year journey which was remarkable was the strong intuition which developed, which always helped me to take the right decisions, where i have to exercise caution etc, and i cant explain the phenomenon in words,
    one thing i am damn sure is that its the outcome of my daily meditation.

    It indeed reduces work side stress, n u enjoy life from a bigger perspective,I now wonder how I would have managed without meditation ;)

    stay beautiful as always,i love ur videos n blogs, its so simple n without much fuzz, thts the beauty , thumbs up to you

    incase u want to know more about meditation experiences and art of living, chk out

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