Naomi Campbell On Looking Hot & Fit At 44

Naomi Campbell :  her fitness diet, beauty regime and making 44 look sexy

Its quite easy to look gorgeous as a teenager, pretty effortless in the 20’s too by the time 30 embraces we start noticing some resistance, we still work hard and battle those bulges and wrinkles. But by 40, I often see age emerge victorious and most women give in to the metabolic slowdown, the fine lines and those few extra pounds. I am in my 30’s and you would understand my nervousness about the fast approaching 40’s. Is there no way to win the age battle and keep looking good and feeling fab in your 40’s and 50’s and beyond…Just when I started believing that there is no hope, I read this article which appeared in the April 2014 Shape magazine which has the fabulous Naomi Campbell on the cover.

And….hellooooooo sister..there is hope for us…yay!!..Naomi Campbell is turning 44…yes 44!! And she makes 44 look fabulous.

In the article she shares her 10 tips for beating age at its own game and I wanted to share them all with you. But before that lets take a moment to stare a this 44 year old stunner.


Isn’t she just gorgeous?? Yes I know, I think I have a girl crush on her…

So now on to the ten tips..

  • Find your passion: “If you do anything with commitment, passion, and enthusiasm, it doesn’t get boring.”
  • Break down barriers: Naomi was one of the few black models in the business, and women of colour rarely appeared on magazine covers. “It’s been a challenge my whole career,” she says. But I learned if you don’t accept no for an answer, you often get a yes.” Every cover I got, I fought for,” says Naomi.
  • NaomiCampbellYoga
  • Eat clean: A typical day begins with a cup of hot water and a squeeze of fresh lemon. After an intense yoga session, the beauty likes to have cold pressed veggie juice and a nice cup of herbal tea. Lunch and dinner are both usually a salad with fish or a lean cut of steak, and she tries to make her midafternoon meal the biggest of the day. Naomi does the occasional detoxing juice clense.
  • Splurge naturally: Naomi doesn’t mess around when it comes to indulging either. But she does try to make healthier choices and reaches for some dried fruit to satisfy her sweet craving and nuts to help her feel full longer. “I try to eat natural sugar, from food like dates, which goes into my system slowly.”
  • NaomiCampbellAge
  • Promote inner peace: Naomis love for yoga a discipline she tried to embrace for years without success. A trip to India helped her understand yoga better. Yoga keeps her super fit but she also knows its “about healing and being in a place of serenity. It makes me feel better physically and mentally.
  • Face your demons: The healthiest side effect of her calming yoga practice has been to finally let go of a decade-long nicotine habit. “Its still a struggle but I am really trying.”
  • Find fun in fitness : Pick an activity that makes you feel happy. For Naomi it is dancing and Zumba.
  • Simplify skincare: Best beauty secret “hydration and sleep.” “I use fewer products than when I was younger, and the ingredients list is a lot shorter,” Naomi explains. She uses old-fashioned cold cream to remove her makeup, a foam based clenser, a toner and Dr Hauschka’s under-eye cream. Naomi’s bottom line in terms of her skin : Less is more.
  • Give back : Naomi is admired for her support to numerous Charities. “I don’t do it for public adulation,” she says. “I do it because it makes me feel good to help others in any way I can.”
  • Stay present : Her final step towards Zen is letting go of past resentments and being tahnkful for what she has. “You cant keep negativity in your soul or it will eat you up,” she says.
  •  NaomiCampbellFitnessRegime

Naomi Campbell Fitness Regime At 44

  1. Naomi practices 60 to 90 minutes of jivamuktiyoga.
  2. When Naomi is juicing she is more active and does both yoga and pilates everyday.
  3. She also indulges in Zumba and dancing to lift her mood.

Thanks to Naomi Campbell, 44 now looks fabulous to me, a ton of work but there is hope.

Inspired?? Let me know what you think ..

(All text and images courtesy shape magazine USA)

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