India’s Best Dressed Women : Lookinggoodfeelingfab’s List And Newsletter

India’s Best Dressed Women : Lookinggoodfeelingfab’s List And Newsletter, yes that is what we are talking about today and I am sure excited.I have some mid week eye candy and inspiration in store for all of you. One thing I love doing in my spare time is flipping through magazines and browsing through celebrity style websites. Some stars have impeccable style that seems effortless, they manage to always get it right – creating a perfect vision of beauty.

And then there are others that manage to always get it wrong, in-spite of having stylists and makeup artists at their disposal. There are some appearances that are completely forgettable while there are others that go down in history.

Moreover there is something infectious about a well dressed woman, they make me want to snap out of an bout of sulking and cribbing in my PJ’s, put on that fabulous dress and take on the world.
Picking up cues and getting inspired by gorgeous polished women is my favorite way to reset my mood and inject a dose of positivity into my day.

So I decided to put together my “best dressed list“, this is a list of women who are always well put together and they always inspire.

The list is a compilation of their best dressed moments – moments when these ladies created magic with their looks – fashion moments I will never forget.
It also contains some fun facts and a break down of their style.

Here is a tiny glimpse of what you will find inside..

I promise a lot of eye candy, a lot of inspiration, a lot of fashion, some serious personalities and a fresh take on style.

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So what are you waiting for?? ;)
P.S. Thank you Aradhika for helping me put this together

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  • Ooh! Congratulations! Looking forward to my monthly fashion fix!
    And there’s one thing I want to say here- the reason I love your blog and keep coming back here is that you look like a diva and talk/write like a simple girl-next-door… Most of the things you say/wear here are so simple and relatable yet have that element of aspiration and transcendence beyond the daily rut, which is what makes this blog so beautiful! :-)

  • Preet Kaur says:

    Ethnic dresses are in fashion these days, not only in Bollywood and India but also in western countries !!

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