Goa Vacation

Some of you know that I took a few days off to vacation in Goa, a few weeks back. I finally got down to looking at all the pictures to put this post together and what fun it has been. Almost, like taking a mini vacation right in the comfort of my home – reliving those moments, ahhh!! bliss!!
Would you believe it if I told you that till 4 years ago I had never ever been to Goa. Then the kids came along and the convenience of a direct flight to a beach haven called Goa became my dream come true.
Since then we have been visiting Goa every year, and with each passing year I fall more in love with the place. The familiarity of the place makes it comforting and fun, add to that miles of gorgeous beaches, some amazing food and nothing else to do.
However there is one dampener that I always tend to pack in my holiday bag – GUILT. Yes guilt, I feel guilt for starting my day with a giant buffet breakfast, for allowing the kids to not shower till noon, for not working out and instead just lazing in the pool, for not updating the blog or for not replying to your comments. I do all those things anyway but I don’t enjoy myself a 100% thanks to the guilt I carry with me.
So this time I decided to make a conscious effort to leave the guilt behind and truly enjoy and cherish each moment. Not only did I travel much lighter but I also had such a beautiful time..
Sharing some of these moments with you…filled with gratitude from the bottom of my heart..


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