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I do try to put in my heart, soul, time and effort into this blog. I constantly try and bring content that is meaningful and enriching for me and hopefully for all those who read it. So, when recognition and appreciation come my way by means of your comments and sometimes by way of a magazine feature, I feel a renewed determination to do what I do better, I feel humbled and I feel immense gratitude.
The month of May, saw Looking Good Feeling Fab and yours truly featured in Creme magazine along with some other fabulous bloggers. Creme magazine is Pune’s own luxury lifestyle magazine which gives a peek into the life and lifestyle of Pune’s culturally rich and stylish society.


For the quick and fun shoot, I decided to go a sari borrowed from my mum-in-law and since I did not have a blouse to match, I wore the sari with a sequin dress. I was a little skeptical about wearing a sari in the magazine since as a fashion blogger I thought maybe I am expected to be in a hip fun dress. I still did go ahead and wear a sari because being true to myself and my style sensibility eventually emerged as a higher priority.


So go ahead, get your copy of Creme, read my feature and that of all the gorgeous bloggers featured with me.
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