Book Club : The Vogue Factor Kristie Clements

The Vogue Factor is a book written by Kristie Clements who worked at Vogue Australia for 25 years and occupied the editor’s chair for 13 years.
My instinct was to refer to her life as a modern day fairy tale, but on second thought I felt that it is anything but a fairy tale. It is a real life example of how dreams can come true and how anything can be achieved with hard work, grit and determination. Kristie started at the reception desk in the Vogue office and ended her stint as the Editor of Vogue. Her formula for success was simple and clear, passion and commitment towards everything she was doing and providing 10 times the value to Vogue at every step of the way.


Who is this book for?
This book is for all those who
1. Watch The Devil Wears Prada every weekend/ holiday.
2. Buy every magazine on the 1st of the month and remain lost in them till the 31st.
3. Dream of wearing an Armani suit and Jimmy Choo’s to work everyday.
4. Prepare for an important interview by buying a Birkin.
5. Think Louboutin’s versatile enough to be used as wall art too.
You know what I mean, its for every fashion loving girl who dreamt or still dreams of working at Vogue (we all have at some point haven’t we?)
The book, contrary to what you would expect has no bitching and cynicism in it at all, in fact it is filled with anecdotes of camaraderie and friendship between Vogue and ex Vogue colleagues.
Its about the stories behind the Vogue stories, the stories behind the most iconic Vogue covers and those behind the most memorable parties and events. You will be left amazed at how much luxury brands pamper the editors of a brand like Vogue, its not always through the products, its through creating experiences of a lifetime that brands woo the editors.
Some of my favourite stories are about the illustrated cover of Vogue Australia, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Vogue Australia.


The issue that was guest edited by Karl Lagerfeld. That man is an icon and legend and before reading the book I had no idea about his genius, background and rise to the top.


The Princess Mary issue, now this one was a real fairy tale, an ordinary girl meets a prince and becomes a princess.


A few gems from the book
“How you conduct yourself on the way out is more important than how you went in.”
“If the shoes isn’t right, then nothing is right.”
“The next day was free (given the Americans needed to recover from the horrendous ordeal of leaving New York).” Hahahah :)
“Nobody walked past my desk, they swept past, jackets flung over shoulders, silk scarves flying out behind. Everyone was in a very dramatic and stylish rush to be somewhere else.”
So if you are a lover of fashion and everything lavish, if you flip through magazines and dream of being at extravagant events, then go get this book now.
It did make me editor of Vogue, even if just for a few days…and so what that no one else knew about my appointment as the newest Vogue editor – I felt it and that is all that matters.

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