Print, Crop And Print : Different Interpretations Of Fashion

This outfit proves beyond any shred of doubt that fashion and style can mean vastly different things to different people. I loved wearing this (mom) crop top and matching pants, it has a 70′s vintage vibe, it makes a statement and I would totally wear it to a trendy hi-fashion event, or even to brunch or sister on the other hand burst out laughing and totally burst my bubble. As soon as she managed to control her uncontrollable laughter she asked “why are you wearing your night suit”
All my confidence and excitement melted away and that void was filled with doubt and an intense critical analysis in front of the mirror..
After a few hours spent slowly picking the pieces of my shattered shiny spirit and putting it back together piece by piece..I managed to get myself to stand before the camera while my hysterical sister stood behind, having a good time at my expense.
So its a cotton pant with a matching crop top. Though I am absolutely loving the crop trend, I do not think I could do the real crop…this is as croppy as I can get..for now atleast :)So you tell me now, what side of the fence are you sitting sisters side or mine?
If I came to have a cup of coffee wearing my print crop print matching pant shirt…would you pretend to not know me and frantically look for the nearest emergency exit? or would you tweet a picture of me (in my pants/pajamas) and you having coffee in hi-fashion style..
Ok tell me…be brutally honest!! I can take it…really…worst case would probably not see posts for a week or 2 because I will be eating a tub of icecream, sobbing and nursing a broken dream… in my pant pajamas and crop top.

Pant : Talented Tailor
Crop Top : Talented Tailor
Heels : Catwalk
Hairband : Daughters (stolen, shhhh!! she does not know, thank God she does not read the blog)
Necklace : USA
On My Lips : See Video
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