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I am not one to experiment much with my hair, and that is primarily thanks to some miserably failed past experiments. I once got my hair cut in layers, on the insistence of the hairdresser that it would make my hair look fuller. Against my better judgement I did it and I ended up looking like a wet bird with exactly 4 feathers on her. It was horrible and I could barely wait enough for it to grow out.
Then there was one time when, again, on giving in to extreme hairdresser pressure I cut my hair way too short, I could do nothing with it and the length just felt extremely limiting and restrictive to me.
There is something about hairdressers don’t you think? They can be extremely pushy and refuse to take a step back even if you are sure about what you want, that, and my inherent problem with not being able to say ‘no’ – horrible combination to have.
But I have learnt my lesson now, and go to places where I know my needs and lifestyle will be put before the hairdresser’s need to display her talents on me.
Also, now I only play with a little bunch of hair on the front, bangs to the right, bangs to the left, short bangs, long bangs. I think they are super easy to maintain and play with..pull them up or leave them on the side, on display. They tend to grow out quickly so even if there is any regret its not a long term thing.
Anyway, I have been toying with the idea of getting a fringe this time around. I got really inspired when Shinjini (The Delhi Bride) got a fringe…and then Rupa (Jenny’s Bicycle) got one and the lovely Dayle (Style File) has a fringe too. I thought that fringe added a generous dose of instant glamour to these gorgeous girls…

Shinjini(left) The Delhi Bride
Rupa : Jenny’s Bicycle
Dayle : Stylefile

And then I saw the Kardashian sisters (who I love) do the fringe and I was obsessed..

And then there are these ladies too…

What do you think? Should I get a fringe? or is my forehead too narrow for this glam hairdo..are there other technical details about maintenance etc that I am missing out? Shinjini, Rupa and Dayle your expert comments please?

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  • Rupa says:

    Hi Abhilasha,
    I know these hairdressers. I had to endure 4-5 hairdressers coz they simply won’t do it sayin if it doesn’t look good, i wud scream! They always demotivate. So rule number one: You need to stay firm. Tell them its your hair.
    Secondly, I think, with your face, fringe should look great. Trust me. Its not that bad to maintain as well. You just need 2 minutes with ur flattening rod every morning in case u do not have straight hair.

  • Rupa says:

    Last but not the least, people wud discourage u big time. Once you have a fringe, people have a hard time adjusting to your new look. Dont get bogged down. Its their problem, not yours. Give yourself a few days and you ll love it. Bangs give you a complete makeover. So be ready for that.

    Worst case scenario: If you really dont like it, baby it grows back in 2 weeks. You can also pull them back using hair bands and clips. You can pull them upwards and have a puff after a week’s growth. But these come in picture when u dont like it. I dont think that wud happen. I suggest you shud go for it. Make sure he/she does not take lots of hair from your forehead. Keep it simple. You wud like it.

  • I am not one to take chances with my hair either. I worry about being stuck with an awful haircut. I totally agree with you about some hairdressers too. They have a vision for your hair but they don’t like to listen to what YOU want.

  • Larissa says:

    Nice post dear. I am wearing my hair short since I am 18 and I think I will never have it long again…so the fringe issue is not really an issue for me :) But I think they look cool with long hair… however, it depends of course on your style and everything :)
    Enjoy your weekend :)!

  • I had them once and I will get them done again after summer.. Hyderabad summers are crazy and the bangs only irritate you more :(

  • Adly Velasco says:

    I tried full bangs before and it’s a big hard to manage but they look good especially if you have long hair or wavy hair.

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