Summer Whites And Elections

Its election time, so lets discuss parties, candidates and agendas…wait wait..before you run away…no really seriously I am not going to have a BJP vs Congress debate here..too much of that happening every where else..


But while we are on the topic of elections, I cant help but be totally impressed by the marketing and the branding that team Modi is doing. Its not vote BJP, its vote Modi. The depth and width of this marketing campaign has left me so totally impressed with the sophisticated and young approach the campaign has taken. Along with using the standard means of campaigning and canvassing they have taken the internet and social media by storm. I spend a lot of time online and Mr Modi seems to follow me where ever I go on the net. Its like he is on a relentless quest to get noted and noticed.


Even when I am in the car, Mr Modi seems to not let me forget about his presence, between every ‘blue hai pani pani’ and ‘London thumakda’ is Mr Modi with his wise cracks..
Bahut hui mahangayi ki maar, Ab ki baar Modi sarkaar
Bahut hua naari par vaar, Ab ki baar Modi sarkaar or my favourites
I dont know who you are, Ab ki baar Modi sarkaar
Safed hai cement, kaala hai taar, Ab ki baar Modi sarkar


So what do you think of my car? Ab ki baar Modi sarkaar
and one for the kids, Twinkle twinkle little star, Ab ki baar Modi sarkaar.
I know ridiculous right??
But they do the job, they stick in the head and even make you smirk at just how stupid some of them are. They are easy to remember, they linger in the head and they honestly are very hard to ignore, because they are everywhere.
Smart marketing and campaign building. I would love to know who the brains behind this whole exercise is.
Genius I say!! I bow down to thee, it proves that smart slick marketing needs no help from Bollywood and celebs.


Anyway, back to fashion and Summers..
I gave up denims some time back, remember this post?? So instead I am wearing white pants made from chikankari cotton, love how light they are, perfect to beat the sweltering summer sun. Paired it with my new thrifted alphabet shirt and statement neck piece..

Pants : Tailored
Shirt  : Thrift (Rs 250)
Heels : Catwalk
Necklace : Thrift old
want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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