An Indian Summer Without Jeans : Fashion Experiments

Summer has announced its arrival with record breaking temperatures in my city. It seems like just yesterday that I was snug and cozy in woolen pants, leather jackets and my thick denims. Its all changed overnight, I cannot stand the sight of jackets of any kind, layering is a taboo word from now on and even the thought of putting on my jeans makes me want to call in a sick day…yes believe me its too hot for jeans .
So this summer I have vowed to not wear jeans at all, its an attempt to keep myself summer comfortable while also forcing me to break from the shackles of denims and glide into airy cottons.
All through the next few months you will see me in dresses (grown up version of my childhood frocks), skirts, leggings, cotton trousers and anything else I can experiment with – but no denims!!
And I cannot believe I am saying this because not long back, frocks and skirts – each with a matching top, were really my home uniform. At that time I could not wait to get out of kiddie frocks and into a grown up pair of jeans, and look at me now, sitting here wondering why I was in such a hurry to be grown up.
Anyway, I am determined to have some grown up fun with the little girl inside me – do I see life and fashion coming full circle right before my eyes?



More skirts: bright pencil skirt
What are your summer staples? Is it hot enough to say goodbye to denims where you stay?
Skirt : stitched
Top : Stitched
Heels :
Necklace: Gift
Lipstick : My obsession and latest concoction, video on it soon
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