Coffee With Pune Street Style : Pratiksha

We crossed paths on a busy Pune street, a 2 minute conversation and about 10 quick pictures later a post was born (this one). But something more happened, I was captivated by this young girl, her beauty, her coy confidence and her understated elegance.
I wanted to know more, so much more. I let a few days pass, and once I felt I had convinced her of my noble intentions – actually, once I had convinced her that I was not some creepy internet stalker, I asked her to meet me again.


This time she knew she was going to be photographed by me, and boy what a transformation…
We had a fun long conversation over some bubblegum icecream and thats when I was struck how sure of themselves girls these days are. They know how to dress to impress, they know how to use makeup to their advantage, they have goals and aspirations, they are confident and so sure of themselves. When I was that age I was confused, impressionable and had no idea what I wanted from life. I wore sneakers and tried to be one of the guys, just to prove a point..I thought pretending to hate makeup made me look intelligent, and blindly following others dreams was the smart way to success.
It took me years to bust all these myths and Pratiksha blew me away with the fact that she had no such misconceptions.


She is sure of the values she lives by.
She respects the Indian culture and traditions, even though she has been living away from home for years now.


She comes across as an intelligent girl, a lawyer in the making.
She has been living in a small hostel room with 4 other girls for the past 3 years, that alone is proof of immense strength and focus.


She hates her hostel food, but enjoys the the weight loss it has led to.
She has gorgeous expressive eyes, that I was obsessed with..she knew just how to highlight her assets, her eye makeup had me enchanted..

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