Happy Holi..Bright Colours And More..

I am feeling a little overwhelmed and exhausted. There is a buzz in my head that refuses to die, there are questions I cannot answer and there are tough decisions that I know need to be made…but I am not ready yet..and this period of pondering seems like a waste of time when there is just so much to be done…
I feel like I am stuck in a vacuum, while watching everyone else race to the finish….I am not comparing myself with anyone else..just with my own dreams and expectations..
I need to relax, to calm down..I need to find my answers..but I am in a rush..sometimes answers take their own sweet take time, they seem to enjoy the slow torturous nagging of the brain…and still they might not always be the right ones..
They might not be the shortest and fastest way to the finish…the answer might take the longest round about way to the finish..
And then again…maybe on reaching the finish, you realise that its just the start..
But thats life right?? Its the journey that is to be enjoyed not just the finish…
On a different note wish you a very very HAPPY HOLI..here is hoping that you and I find all our answers and enjoy the journey leading up to them..

Leaving you with some of the brightest images from lookinggoodfeelingfab.com.
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Happy Holi :)

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